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California fines carriers over air quality

Jill Dunn | March 06, 2012

The California Air Resources Board just settled 33 cases of air quality violations for nearly $227,000 in penalties, mostly related to emissions self-inspections.

On March 6, the board announced that for the fourth quarter of 2011, five trucking companies received the heaviest fines in this category. The largest of $24,750 was levied against Dole Fresh Fruit for not correctly labeling its diesel-powered transport refrigeration unit generator sets.

For failing to properly self-inspect its diesel trucks for state smoke emission standards, CARB penalized Hendrickson Trucking Inc. $19,875, Dynalectric Los Angeles $15,750 and Harrison Trucking Inc. $13,175.

United Food Group LLC was fined $13,725 for not bringing the company’s TRUs into state compliance and for not properly self-inspecting its diesel trucks to meet state smoke emission standards.

Of the fines collected, $170,400 went to the California Air Pollution Control Fund to support research and $56,549 was awarded to the Peralta Community College District to fund classes at participating California community colleges.

  • Howard Wright

    Funny how we can let one state dictate what we can and cannot do.Let CA be a country to themselfs.Boycott CA


    Amen to that! Why would anyone in their right mind even set tire in that state? Let them be the socialist state that they want to be, and don’t bail them out when they finally crash under the weight of their own assinine laws, handouts for illegal aliens and suffocating environmental regulations.

  • M S

    Looks like CA has added another way to support their Mexican Citizens/cheaper labor, in their state, in our country, by even more fines.

  • jim simpson

    now the envionuts have just about wiped out any aspect of a good living in this state im glad that i am in the twilight of my trucking days born and lived in ca. most of my life and don)t wish this state on anyone

  • Joe F JImenez

    Stop whining and go back to work, your not going to change anything.. The pay is the same or less then 1990 and all that happens is whining and lip service… Go back to your slave labor job… Joe in sales who got out of it 10 years ago…


  • edwin t

    omg c.a. to me is like a country of its own high cost low pay they have bigger problems like to many folks there illegally worry about that problem first and as far as the clean air last time i checked your state is always burning up anyway cough cough and its so windy bad air cant stay around anyway….. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.