California regulations drive out owner-operators

exhaust emissionsOwner-operators are being driven out of business and the market value of used trucks has been hijacked by the ever-tightening emissions regulations in California, according to a panel discussion held this week at the Great West Fleet Executive Conference in Las Vegas.

“These emissions requirements from 2007 have been very egregious, very large,” said Mark Sturdevant, an emissions specialist who works in sales with Velocity Vehicle Group. He and Robert Tennies, truck sales consultant for Western Truck Parts & Equipment, were the two featured guests on the panel, which was moderated by Chris Shimoda, manager of environmental policy for the California Trucking Association.

It’s not uncommon for an owner-operator to be faced with paying almost $100,000 for a truck with 250,000 to 300,000 miles, Sturdevant said. Yet as few as 10 percent of owner-operator customers qualify for a loan on such a truck today, compared to 45 percent to 55 percent four or five years ago, due to the recession’s impact on the credit market.

Overdrive sister site CCJ has the full story on the panel discussion. Click here to read it.

  • martymarsh

    Why would this surprise anyone, between the corporate America and the unions the O/O don’t stand a chance. You have the democrats that go along with the unions, you have the republicans that go along with corporate America, not to mention you have ATA fighting in Washington to get their way and of course they are corporate America. All of this is what the O/O is fighting. It don’t look good. Oh, and every time you pick sides, you have put another nail in your coffin.

  • 2WildT

    Large companies have ATA in their pocket, they could care less about the O/O, lease operator, or company driver for that matter. It’s what ever their paying masters want. Intentionally bought a 2012 Volvo to be left alone for a few years. All the latest smog stuff, EOBR installed as well. I’ve got it speed governed at the speed we’ll all be set at in the near future if ATA and their masters get their way. All I have left to do know is get tested for sleep apnea, have my rear facing camera installed in the cab, get chained to the seat and let them set the truck so it can’t ever go home to see the family and I’ll be fully compliant. Oh I forgot to mention, told um I didn’t need any pay, I’ll do it for fun until the wife sues me out of the truck and divorces me.

  • martymarsh

    All of that is true with the exception of ATA is the large companies and they are the masters.

  • T Darnell

    perfectly said marty hopefully your post will wake up a few more people

  • martymarsh

    No it won’t work, divide and conquer works to well. No matter what side people are on all the can do is call the other side names, that is why we don’t get anywhere. The best part of that is there really isn’t any sides, it is them against us.

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