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Todd Dills

Captain Kirk, owner-operator

| April 26, 2010

The parallels between space travel and trucking have not gone unremarked-upon in recent times — you might recall a blog post from a year and more ago I made about an online video game whose concept was cargo hauling in deep space — and considering the decades-long phenomenon that has been the Star Trek TV series and movies, it was probably only a matter of time before an owner-operator named Kirk adopted the “Captain” CB handle and named his business accordingly. 

This story, by Associated Press writer Maria Burnham and care of the website of the Jackson Sun newspaper, detailed the exploits of one Captain Kirk of the eponymous Jackson, Miss.-based trucking company, Captain Kirk Enterprises, owned and operated by Kirk Williams. Williams, not exactly a trekkie, he told Burnham, currently makes a regular round-trip run to Memphis and back each day of the week.

Further, of course, “trekking” is just two letters shy of “trucking,” which brings to mind an old song that I thought might get your week started out on a light-hearted note. It’s the mid-late 1980s band the Firm’s parody song “Star-Trekkin’,” in equally goofy vid via YouTube here. Enjoy.

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