Cargo thieves’ new tool: ‘Jammers’ that scramble tracking devices

| August 06, 2014

Cargo thieves seem to have a new tool at their disposal, according to FreightWatch International, who says two recent incidents “may indicate the beginning of a trend” for those looking to steal trailers or their contents.


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A tractor and trailer stolen July 22 from a truck stop in Georgia was equipped with a tracking device concealed in the cargo, FreightWatch says. Evidence in the case points to the hijackers using two jamming devices to try to interrupt the communication from the tracking devices.

This specific attempt didn’t work, FreightWatch says, and the shipment was tracked. No arrests were made, however.

This heist came on the heels of another in June in which suspects were apprehended and were in possession of jamming equipment in Brevard County, Fla.


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The jammers are an attempt by thieves to scramble signals of secretly GPS-tracked devices.

“The use of jamming technology presents a potential challenge to the theft recover process and should be taken seriously,” FreightWatch says. Similar technology has been used for a while in other parts of the world in cargo heists, FW notes, and “there are effective risk mitigation techniques” available.

If the jamming device trend does seem to stick, security devices will need to evolve to counter them, FreightWatch says.

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  • simon

    I call bullshit. You put a gps tracker in the trailer and its only going to get a weak signal at best.

  • mousekiller

    Depends on whether or not you have metal roof or composite roof on the trailer.

  • JJMcClure

    deport the illegals….they are the ones stealing the goods

  • hotdog

    GPS jamming devices…..soon coming to an ELD near you. Whatever one man can figure out to impose another man can figure a way around. ELD’s will be just like paper logs, the very clever and determined will find a way around and the lazy and dull-witted will continue to get caught just like they do now with paper logs.

  • ChatterStack

    Already have, there’s a number of post on black hat world promising to get around EDL’s

  • guest

    If you are in an Accidentand it is determined you are violating LOG RULES in this manner YOU are going to JAIL and be SUED..there is a Downside to being a cute “outlaw”. It aint 1957.

  • guest

    Cops are sophisticated too..and if you are found in Violation or in a WRECK…you better Hope you dont have a “jammer”…..they will simply track yer GPS and figure the time frames…YOU will be in JAIL and yer company will no longer have operating authority.

  • Mark Reidenback

    that is true, and it’s never been said that people who do it are smart – but there’s those that will do almost anything for a buck….

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