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Carolyn Magner

Casting call for real women of trucking

| November 28, 2012

 We are searching for a few good women to pose in front of a gorgeous show truck for our popular Overdrive Custom Rigs series. The “real” trucker women who model for us have a blast and we love hanging out with them during the photo shoot.

Send me your photo and a short paragraph about why you would like to be considered. Tell me something cool about yourself.

There’s no age/weight/height limit. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Guys, if your wife/significant other has a CDL and is too shy to send in her pic, you do it! And write a note about why she should be picked. If you are selected, we will set up a professional photo shoot with a show truck.

Anyone can pose a professional model in front of a tricked out show truck. We want to show off the gorgeous real women of trucking. But we can’t do it without your help.

Send your photo and information to:

Just say’n…

PS: If you own a custom rig and would like to be part of the series, drop us a note:

  • jakebrake1

    Yall don’t want to see the “real” women of trucking, as we can see by the very photo you’ve put with this story! Any woman who has time to look like she’s going out that night isn’t really driving. I know. I tried to keep up appearances, but being part of a team doing over 325,000 miles/yr soon rendered my attempts at beauty an afterthought. What we “real” women of trucking want to see is one of our truckstop food victim brothers standing in front of his shiny truck in a speedo! That’s real trucking! Ha!

  • txinsurancepro

    NOW that’s funny!

  • Melita B

    I must disagree. It doesn’t take much to keep up appearances. I drove and always looked my best. I think it’s how you are in general, if you take care to look your best I don’t see why not look your best while driving a semi… It’s a job, and like in any position, you want to look decent, you want to look your best, presentable, accepted.

    You stop and shower, right? It only takes few extra minutes to put a little mascara on, and pull your hair up into a pretty pony tail. What’s important is that you do it for yourself.

  • Carolyn Magner

    Teresa, the woman in the photo with this story IS a real woman of trucking!She hauls to the mines in Canada and is one tough but beautiful trucker. We do use models for these shoots but when we get the chance to use real trucking women, we love it!

  • trucker635

    the trucking business ,woman are the most players in and on the road because they know what it means to do their job and get what they need

  • trucker635

    the reason why women drive trucks is , they do better and they knows what is like to be on the road to maintain their family, kids ect. i have been on the road with women who drove on the highway because i talk to a lady and she been driving for years and she said that the reason why she was out there is because there is money to be made and taking care of what you have accomplished

  • trucker635

    another thing women that drive truck is like might like you and date you fore who you are.

  • 2stepper

    I agree Melita. I drove team with my sister and we stayed fixed up. I helped her lose 30lbs. I drove with husband before that. We always made time to fix up. I must say I’ve always considered myself “pretty” female. Tall, long legs, blonde, but not stuck up and thinking I am all that. I was proud being a female driver, especially when teen females went by and thumbed up :). I looked my best, yet got under truck/trailer if I had to do and get greasy fixing what I needed to. Still walked proudly into a truckstop knowing I looked the best I could look, Oh, had to stop driving due to an accident and I’ve had a head/neck fusion. Not able to drive now, and I miss it big time~
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