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Pick a carrier who invests in you

| November 11, 2013

Make sure you get a carrier that is interested in you for the long haul; one you can make money with and that treats you well. Darrell Titus | Owner-operator, TNT2 Trucking Co.

Check the CSA report

| November 11, 2013

Check the CSA report for one thing. If it's bad go to your next pick.

Pick a hobby like photography

| October 01, 2013

Get a basic DSLR camera and go out for a shooting session whenever you see something interesting.

Be smart about resting

| September 06, 2013

Managing decisions on the road like rest and drive times are the key.

Keep separate account for truck

| September 03, 2013

Think of the truck as a separate person. The truck gets 16 cents per mile for every hub mile traveled. The only reason money can come out of that account is for truck expenses, such ...

Tap into ambition

| September 03, 2013

Ambition is the answer, and maintenance. Hard work and a ship-shape rig lead to many benefits. Donnie Slate | Fleet management | Timplex Corp.

Do your own maintenance

| September 01, 2013

Get to know your truck inside and out. Learn to do the work yourself and you will do a better job and save money in the long run. I am a female owner-operator and work ...

Save for retirement

| September 01, 2013

It'll be what you make it. Ignore "end of the industry" announcements. Save for retirement. John Batson | Owner-operator, Bluebird Capacity Services LLC

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