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Caterpillar’s latest piece of machinery — a smartphone

| March 04, 2013

CATB15 It’s not yellow, but it is rugged and built for on-the-job conditions.

CATb15back-e1361977235905 The latest piece of equipment released by worldwide powerhouse construction equipment provider and former big rig diesel engine manufacturer Caterpillar is a smartphone designed for use by those in need of a phone that can take a beating. The Android-powered Caterpillar B15 was profiled in detail last week on Overdrive sister site Equipment World, where EW editor Wayne Grayson says that the phone can survive a near-6-foot drop onto hard concrete and is waterproof and dustproof.

The phone has a military grade rating, and its screen is made of highly durable Gorilla Glass, which can even be used with wet hands.

It’s also dressed in a ruggedly stylish anodized aluminum and shock-absorbant rubber shell (see the photo to the above).

Click here to read Equipment World‘s review and to learn more about the phone’s spec’s.

  • William McKelvie

    Looks a bit like the verizon commando, except done up as a CAT brand phone.

  • Dr. Duke

    “former big rig diesel engine manufacturer Caterpillar”? I guess I missed a memo. I thought they still ,made truck engines.

  • GSB

    They stopped making commercial truck engines few years ago due to CARB laws and whatnot

  • Christopher Thomas

    I’ve never seen a military spec smart phone with a touchscreen that I’ve liked yet. I love the Sonim 3400 Armor tough phone however, but I’ve been using a Droid Bionic for two years and dropped in multiple times, it’s surviving just fine thanks to Gorilla glass. Pretty sure all these things are just market hypes and no one really “needs” that kind of phone.

  • jeffrey roecker

    I need something tough at work working in a whse, driving a forklift, dropping phone on concrete alot. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.