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Celadon opens new driver training center

Overdrive Staff | February 06, 2014

Celadon and its Quality Drivers  subsidiary have announced the opening of the new driver training center near its Indianapolis headquarters.  The $7 million, 61,000 square-foot training facility includes dorm rooms, cafeteria, workout room, basketball court and a driver training road course. Quality Drivers expects to train approximately 500 new drivers in the first full year of operation at the new training center. 

Quality Drivers offers the driver training classes weekly, which encompass four weeks of basic training toward the CDL exam, a company orientation and six weeks of supervised driving.  The program is free as long as recruits fulfill a contract to log 120,000 miles driving for Celadon after completing the training.  To date, more than 500 drivers have completed the program.

The driver center welcomed its first class of recruits the week of Jan. 27. The facility offers the following:

  • Four classrooms each seating 30 students furnished with the latest audio visual equipment
  • WiFi
  • Driver’s lounge with couches, tables and chairs
  • Regulation hardwood basketball court that converts to a volleyball court
  • Running track
  • Racquetball court
  • Workout room featuring treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes and weight machines
  • Cafeteria serving meals three times a day, seven days a week
  • 104 single dorm rooms with a full size bed and a 32” LED television
  • On-site medical center staffed with a nurse practitioner and two medical assistants
  • Laundry  facility with six washers and six dryers
  • Business center with nine computers for use by the drivers
  • Outdoor driver training road course
  • LandShark

    I sure hope that the young man that I met outside of BW3 Chicken wing establishment in Speedway Indiana last Sunday evening, is not indicative of Celadon’s core graduates. He had just graduated from Celadon’s school that weekend and was supposed to leave for Texas on Monday with a trainer. I bet those 10-12 tall boy beers that he sat and enjoyed over a couple of hours made him feel ready to roll in the morning, What a start to a trucking career? Drinking all day before going out the next morning with a trainer? The writing is on the wall I’d say. What about you drivers?

  • Ken Nilsen

    Just about as bad as those 3 owner operators that were sitting around after dropping a load slamming vodka and whiskey down in florida and then heading out the next day. You don’t have to be a new truck driver to be a dumbass.

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  • Vader21

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