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Todd Dills

Channel 19 week in pictures: Northern lights, NASCAR

| March 01, 2012

Lights, camera …
Carlile Transportation driver Dave Johnston photographed his rig and the Aurora Borealis “just north of Coldfoot,” he says, on Alaska’s Dalton Highway, where he runs three times weekly from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay. With sunspot activity at a peak this winter, the northern lights have been particularly strong. Johnston shared this photo (and another: link here) in Overdrive sister magazine Truckers News’ photo group on, with which regular readers will be familiar. Join and share your own photos from the road.

Lately the group’s garnered a new moderator in RJR Transportation driver James Stack, who operates his own photo/design website, http:/ Since he’s gotten involved, activity is up at the group. I wrote more about him in Truckers News, when he won the May 2011 photo challenge. Get over to the group and tell the “paid tourist” hi.

Mugging (for the shutter) with a driver
I bet you thought I was going to tell you that was NASCAR driver Casey Mears with an owner-operator or other highway hauler. Not exactly, this time around. This photo was sent over by the folks at Mears’ car’s associate sponsor Blaster Corp, maker of various and sundry spray lubricants I imagine you may well be familiar with. Taken during the rain-out Sunday at the Daytona 500, it shows Blaster CEO Tom Porter and Mears making the best of a wet day. Mears placed 25th in the field the following Monday in the historically delayed race. Though I know this will be one tall order of a wish, I hope your favorite driver won it. For my part, I guess I’m still holding onto fond memories of the Bud Shootout the week prior. Man, what an end! If you missed Kyle Busch’s last-lap pass, check it out:

  • Bandit

    My Opinion, Kyle Busch is the best wheelman in NASCAR’s top division. It took a ton of driving skill to do what he did with that racecare and keep it in the race time and again, let alone win the thing. Go Kyle!!

  • Todd Dills

    Oh yeah, Bandit. No doubt about that in my mind, either, particularly after seeing that race.

  • James Stack

    Thanks for the mention Todd. I’m hoping as the weather starts to warm up there is even more activity in the group. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.