Chart shows just how long a 34-hour restart actually takes

An interactive infographic posted this week on the Journal of Commerce shows how complying with the hours-of-service rule changes that went into effect July 1 can impact a trucker’s work week and how many actual hours a “34-hour” restart can take out of a driver’s schedule.

Among other changes — like a mandatory 30-minute break after eight on-duty hours — drivers must now include two 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. periods in their 34-hour restart before they can begin a new 70-hour week. Prior to July 1, drivers could take the 34-hour restart whenever they wanted and multiple times a week. Now drivers are limited to one 34-hour restart a week.

As noted in the JOC article, for drivers to attain a restart that satisfies the minimum 34 hours and only that, a driver would have to end his workweek within a 6-hour window between 7 p.m. and 1 a.m. Aiding in the math is a chart that allows drivers to select what time they would go off duty at the end of their week. The chart then shows when a driver would be allowed to resume work and begin his or her next 70-hour week.

For instance, if a driver ended his or her workweek at 3 p.m., he or she would not be able to resume work until 5 a.m. two days later, resulting in a 38-hour restart.

If a driver ended his work week at 2 a.m., however, he also wouldn’t be able to resume work until 5 a.m., resulting in a 51-hour restart period.

Click here to put your schedule into the graph or play with other scenarios.

Displayed below is a PDF from the Journal of Commerce showing how ending a workweek too early or too late could cost a driver an additional 17 hours during a restart. It also shows the other scenarios for a restart, and how much time it will cost drivers to end their workweek at a certain time.


Click the photo or click here to see the full-sized chart.

  • No Reform

    oh! A handy chart to figure this crap out?? Great.

  • TomH

    The chart is technically correct, but fails to factor in the impact of time zones. If the example driver’s home base was in California (Pacific time) and the driver was operating in the Eastern zone the start time could happen until 8a. (That’s On-Duty to do the pre-trip plus drive time to the shipper/receiver) Think about NYC or DC traffic at 5a vs. 8:30a and you get the picture.

    Thank you Anne Ferro!

  • FuelHauler

    It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race and sex, but it is apparently legal to discriminate against morning people. Thanks to new DOT HOS that force arbitrary times of 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM into my 34 hour reset calculation, for me to avoid peak traffic, now I get to drive late at night when I am sleepy instead of early morning when I am wide awake. Thanks for helping to decrease safety.

  • Name

    you know , Im sure glad I dont drive anymore . I drove a long time . This is one of the reasons why Im in a office . The HOS and the new trucks falling apart .These drivers arent goin to be able to support their families . The owner operators are going to take longer to make a living and never truly be able to go home with a clear mind .They need to up the rates and detentions to compensate the time the owners have to give up . This isint going to be a family operation no more . The driver is always going to be in the truckstop and out of hours just to make it home . My heart goes out to U all . We are at a sad state right now .

  • Steve

    Two more years and this Industry will be history for me.

  • James

    What would be wrong with just telling the driver where the load needs to go and when it needs to be there,and letting the DRIVER decide when he/she needs to drive and sleep? Seems to me that if the shipper gets a distance from pick-up to deliver,and figure a base mph average speed,couldn’t the shipper then get a rough idea of how much time to expect for delivery? I believe MOST drivers have no desire to stack up a perfectly good rig by trying to beat the expected delivery time by a ridiculous amount;all the concern I see and hear from drivers about safe operation,the risk of driving tired or too fast,etc. shows that most drivers WANT to be safe drivers,but that can’t happen with some pencil pusher in DC deciding what’s “safe” for the drivers out there. The Feds have taken away the Trucker’s ability to be the Captain of his ship. (Granted,a lot of the newer drivers would have to learn additional skills the older and more experienced drivers already know,but it’d STILL be a better way to go.)

  • kenny

    don t forget u have to use all ur 70 hrs b for reset ?

  • ben

    safety out the door now carriers will maximize the 70hrs per week because your not allowed to restart before the seventh day. Talk about drivers being in a hurry!

  • M.j. Zuzich

    This is just the latest chapter in a saga that goes from the ridiculous to the sublime. The day that saw deregulation discard the fitness requirement for motor carriers and then focus instead on driver scrutiny in place of co. management review invited this latest log book nonsense that has little to do with safety and everything to do with compliance.

  • mike

    Yeah, don’t have to worry about that if you don’t hit seventy hours, gotta manage time very carefully. Yesterday, had load from FT Worth to San Antonio, was just about at 8 hours of work, almost need to take a mando 30 min break on the outskirts of San Antonio. That is just dumb plain and simple, along with the 1-5 am requirement. Heck with it, the feds don’t follow the law with respect to privacy, immigration, trafficking weapons to other countries, weed smoking and possession in CO, CA, and WA. What makes me special in having to follow the law. Toby Keith said it best, streak in the night, catch me if you can.

  • 2wildT

    I’ve been shutting it down late night to minimize the damage of the new restart requirements… still hurts….it’s just too much down time if not started at 7 pm or later. I don’t mind the new 30 minute requirement, I shut down every day for at least one solid meal a day anyway, have for years.

  • Jon McLaughlin

    You do not have to use up all of your 70 hours. You can not start a restart until you have 7 consecutive calendar days in your log book. You could take several days off during your 7 days and still start a restart at the end of the 7th day.

  • big72thunder

    I drive from Florida to California solo.

    Before the 34 hr restart change,I could do 3 trips per month.

    Now I can only do 2.

    This cuts my pay 1000.00 dollars per month.

    My house is now in forecloser an there is nothing I can do about it.

    I cant get any aid because I have a job that pays more than the government says is poverty level.

    Thanks to the new rules more people that are trying to keep their head above water cant.

    I still cant stand people that have never had their butts in a truck seat making rules for those of use that do.

    I have been driving for 40 years and have no choice but to hang it up and go on well fare as the things that I have worked for all my life are being sold off and my home is no longer a home,but just a fading dream.

    Thank you Mr. Obama.






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  • Catfish

    YOU are in an office and don’t even know correct grammar. Go figure.

  • Catfish

    Simply put, DEREGULATION led to more REGULATION 30 years later! The only thing for certain in the trucking industry is change, and it’s not for the better.

  • flood

    if your “house is now in forecloser” you had money problems long before this change happened

  • No Reform

    He qualifies for brain needed.

  • Roger

    I agree but the shipper doesn’t know if you have been driving for eight hours before you are there to pick up their load. The driver or the dispatcher are the only ones that know this and should be the ones making the decision.

  • hobo

    going on “a” well fare? i.e. a good paying fare? you drive cab?

  • Darek


  • DW

    Love the chart! I’m going to check out for more!


    Well my fellow drivers, Now is the time for us owner ops to make a line in the sand. For years we have taken everything but the bull horn in our “ASS”! Pardon my french to those this may offend. Drivers we are the best of the best! We are the people getting good’s from point a to b in the safest,fastest,most efficient manner possible. With the cleanest nicest equipment on the road. We take pride in our selves and our equipment. We should be more than happy of ourselves, And i salute my fellow trucker brothers/sisters for making it thus far. We have overcome major hurdles over the last 10 years. From all the bullshit rules and regulations to carb rules to all the crap from Ray La hood. Making deals across the border with mexico without our government overseeing the talks or negotiations that were going on.NOW WE HAVE Anne Ferraro. Where in the hell did this troll come from? Has this lady ever even been in the cab of a truck? We have been getting it from everyone but the dog next door. FMCSA, DOT,CSA,UCR,TWIC,TOLL AUTHORITY, LUMPERS,BROKERS,DISPATCHERS, And the all mighty Anti -Trucking- Association, who by the way is in bed with major motor carriers. Hell look at who’s the main man. Isn’t that “Danny England”. One of the top three carriers in the nation. Asking for regulations to limit our drive time. And to add speed limiters to our trucks. So we can’t pass one of his 1,200 trucks, with one of his lease trainer operators. That has a month behind the wheel and is a full blown trainer.( BUT THEY CAN’T BACK UP! ) Wow you too can be a full blown trainer lease operator in less than thirty days. A week of class and three weeks with an idiot that can’t even back up. BUT WE ARE THE PROBLEM! NOT THEM. DRIVE SLOWER FOR LONGER SO THERE BOTTOM LINE GETS BIGGER! WE ARGUE FOR DETENTION TIME! THEY DONT CARE THEY HAVE 2500 TRAILERS TO DROP HOOK OR PUT ON RAIL SO WHY SHOULD THEY CARE ABOUT OWNER OPERATORS! THEY WANT TO SHUT US DOWN, MONOPOLIZE THE INDUSTRY ,THEN CHARGE WHAT EVER THEY WANT. SOUNDS ABOUT RITE TO ME.HOW ABOUT YOU? Not to mention EOBRS.THEY ALSO HAVE AROUND 1,200 TRUCKS. SO WHY SHOULD THEY CARE.THEY JUST DROP AND RE POWER. AND WE HAVE TO JUST SIT THERE. YES THEY CAN AFFORD ALL THE TOYS! THEY CREATED THEM TO MICRO MANAGE AND COERSE THERE DRIVERS AND ABUSE THE DRIVERS. POOR LITTLE IDIOTS. SO HAPPY THEY HAVE A EBOR TO SORT OUT THERE HOURS FOR THEM. RITE OUT OF SCHOOL NEVER EVEN KNEW A THING ABOUT A TRUCK TILL THEY HEARD SOME B.S. RECRUITER OR A TRAILER DOOR OR SOME ROOKIE TRAINER PROMISING THEM $100,000 A YEAR NOT TO MENTION OWN A BIG RIG! WHHHOOOOHHHOOOO!!!!! I also have not mentioned how drivers need to look into the people making these rules. See how deep there pockets are going to be once these computers are in over 5 million trucks. Not to mention the cost of upwards of $3,500 per truck. And it’s a computer program so how many times are there going to be upgrades and such costs to operate this device? Drivers our lively hood is on the line. I am a second generation owner operator. From the day my daddy had me tucked in the jump seat of an old mack. Peeing in a little 8oz coke bottle. And i would watch him work his magic with those twin sticks with the glitter knobs i knew rite then and there, that the smell of diesel and the freedom of doing and going where and when i wanted was for me. Not to mention the pride of owning a big beautiful rig. Some were down the line. All the sacrifices people like our fathers and grandfathers Have made to SHUT DOWN, GO ON STRIKE,REFUSE TO LOAD, AND REFUSE TO MOVE OVER AND LET SOMEONE ELSE BRAKE THERE STRIKE UP. BLOCK HIGHWAYS, DOCKS, INTERCHANGES. AND BOY I WAS SORRY FOR THE TRUCK DRIVER THAT ROLLED OUT ON THAT DAY, FOR IT WOULD NOT BE A GOOD DAY FOR THAT DRIVER. The point i am trying to make drivers, is that we all have a obligation to ourselves, our families, our fellow drivers. To educate the motoring public and consumers on the costs of these new rules and regulations to them and there pocket books not to mention there total cost of living going up. Do to the lack of drivers wanting to stick around for this. What other sector of the population of the U.S. Would continue to take such an abuse of power and authority without making a stand? None! Yet we continue to be the ones that are belittled by the big companies for there own gain and for these politicians ,who are lining there pockets at the down fall of the american independent truck drivers. And are now bringing in trucks raggedy as hell out of compliance to take our freight,our traffic lanes. And supposedly be safer than us. Just because there willing to put an EOBR in there trucks just to cross to take our work. And when they go back across they are still the same old bandits. With no rules in there country to make them comply with our rules in the U.S.”W.T.H.! Come on people! “NOW IS THE TIME AND PLACE FOR US TO STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND BE ABOUT IT”! STOP WHINING AND COMPLAINING TO EACH OTHER. JOIN OOIDA OR ANY OTHER GROUP WILLING TO HELP SUPPORT OUR CAUSE. CALL YOUR REPS,CONGRESSMEN,GOVERNORS, SENATORS,CITY AND COUNTY SUPERVISORS, ANY ONE THAT WILL LISTEN . PUT SIGNS ON YOUR RIGS,TRUCKS,CARS, RV’S ANYTHING ASKING FOR THE SUPPORT OF OUR FELLOW AMERICANS. IF WE ASK AND WE CAN SHOW THE PEOPLE. THAT THE CAUSE IS PURE AND CORRECT, WE WILL SEE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA STAND BEHIND US. WE ARE THE FEW THE PROUD THE LAST OF A DYING BREED! “THE AMERICAN OWNER OPERATOR” PROUD, STRONG, INDEPENDENT! JOIN YOUR FELLOW DRIVERS IN KANSAS AT THE KANSAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY FOR OOIDAS 40TH ANNIVERSARY! GOD BLESS YOU DRIVERS AND YOUR FAMILIES! MUCH RESPECT. ” BIG JUNE “

  • Truckin727

    This hurts us local drivers too. Most of our work starts at 2am. so by this we can only work 5 days a week.

  • Steve

    All of you that are putting a trucker brother down for grammar infractions are the reason there is no common sense in this industry anymore. SHAME ON YOU!! I would gladly work for that dispatcher.
    Thanks “Name” and yes, we are in a sad state of affairs right now.
    God Bless you and yours. Keep on Trucking!!

  • chad

    Well I’t not the rates need to go up as much as the government regulating hours and everyone sticking their hands in the drivers pocket. why is frieght paying 4 bucks a mile and the broker keeps 2.50 a mile? drivers need to stick together and if you find a driver hauling frieght for a buck or a buck 20. slash some tires and leave a note. no more cheap frieght assh*le

  • chrisbuda

    I’m shock, you been driving 40 years and can’t make end meets, u should be getting pay high millage rates and so on

  • wrenchmonkey

    does anybody remember the movie CONVOY???

  • mousekiller

    Good way for you to end up crippled and in pain for the rest of your life.

  • tommy

    Do you have to do the first 8hrs in the sleeper on a 34hr restart strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.