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Chasing the Green

Todd Dills | January 01, 2012
  • Big R Phillips

    Congrats Tim! I too have an older truck i’m trying to get leased on with G&W Tanks in Savannah,Ga. 1996 KW W900l 3406e cat. Maaan i am busting my hump to get away from these containers! As of today my truck is down due to air compressor problems and i dont have enough money on hand to finish the repair. I have to borrow money from my company i’m leased on with to get back rolling. I know two guys that have signed on with G&W and thier revenue has doubled with out working thier trucks to death and good home time with the family. And they have older trucks too. You can keep your truck in great condition if you make enough money to set aside for not if but when something breaks. And you dont have to beat your truck up to make the money! Congrats again and God Bless!

  • localnet

    The oil patch is good money… ;) strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.