Chevy pickup turns corner, slams truck’s trailer — Could trucker have prevented it?

| November 12, 2013
John Doe was waiting to be unloaded when a pickup roared around the corner of the restaurant and smashed into his trailer’s ICC bar. Was this a preventable accident?

John Doe was waiting to be unloaded when a pickup roared around the corner of the restaurant and smashed into his trailer’s ICC bar. Was this a preventable accident?

Truck driver John Doe pulled into Cowboy Bill’s All-Beef Burgers to deliver a load of beef patties, finding space in the drive-through area next to the restaurant’s service door. 

He put no fewer than five bright orange cones around the area as a precautionary measure. 


Four wheeler wildly passes, gets hit by big rig — Could trucker have prevented it?

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Doe was sitting listening to the radio and waiting to be unloaded when — WHAM — a chevy pick-up turned around the corner of the restaurant and slammed into the trailer on Doe’s cab. 

The pickup’s driver jumped out and immediately began accusing Doe of backing into her. Doe almost laughed, as the pickup driver had knocked down some of his cones en route to plowing into his trailer. 

Much to Doe’s surprise — and annoyance — he received a preventable-accident letter from his carrier. Doe contested, and the National Safety Council’s Accident Review Committee was asked to give a final ruling. 

NSC ruled quickly in Doe’s favor, saying he had no control over the zealous pickup driver.

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  • Keith Fisher

    If he would have been a truck driver the truck would have never hit him.

  • Dave

    I am glad NSC ruled in drivers favor. It was totally the pickup driver’s fault, plain as day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • todd

    i think they should not be in are parking place / keep them in the front not in the back

  • Opt Out

    The Truck driver can’t idiot proof stupid drivers.He put out cones and the driver hit them.Can not fix stupid.most these pov drivers are either texting or on a phone. I am not a truck driver,I have rode along to a few times .These guys have a hard time when you put inatentive drivers who cut in so close you can’t see their car. And the tailgater who is in a blind spot.I have a great respect for these people who drive for a living.People in small vehicles are the biggest cause of accidents.Look up the statistics.The pickup driver is ridiculous ,learn defensive driving.

  • PattyCakes

    Definitely the Truck Drivers fault …. he could have prevented the accident by ‘ Calling out Sick ‘ or ‘ Committing Suicide ‘ !

    Had he called out sick or croaked himself his truck would not have been parked there and the stupidity of the pick-up driver, as well as the idiocy of the Safety Desk, would not been a highlight of the day.
    Also, had he been armed and shot the pick-up driver as he assaulted his trailer, the accident likely would have prevented, in which case he’s guilty for not being armed …. always have an ‘ IED or Bazooka ‘ onboard to prevent the Safety Desk from confiscating your Safety Bonus.

    To further ensure the Safety Desk wasn’t able to confiscate his Safety Bonus, he should have Delivered the stuff to a abandoned parking lot 25 miles out of town and told the customer ‘ Come get your Stuff, I’m saving the Safety Desk some aggravation ‘.

    ……….. I’ll be back in a second, I’m seeking a Wall to Pound my Head against !

  • Clyde Hamrick

    maybe the pickup driver needs new glases’s, also learn not to jusr fly around a blind corner, A real driver will look an take it slow just in case somthing bigger is there

  • Anna Lowdermilk

    Well, thank goodness he was able to turn this around. It’s a shame they even blamed him to begin with. What idiot flies around the corner of a building, especially plowing over orange cones!

  • texan2thebone

    Bad call Safety Dept. I guess if you were supervising trees and a plane fell out of the sky and broke a few limbs, it would be the tree’s fault for not moving!

  • rwperkinsjr

    Moron. Then you will complain because the trucks are sitting out front in the street and you can’t get by.

    The lady ran over the cones and slammed into a huge tractor/trailer. She had no regard for her, the drivers or anyone else’s safety that could have been in the area.

    What if those cones were for a guy around the corner cleaning the drive-thru and she ran over him by ignoring traffic control devices? Would it be the workers fault that he was in the drive-thru doing his job?

  • Marvin Thayer

    First question that should be asked; were you moving; Answer:no
    Next question asked: Was there adequate sight line or advance warning for driver
    Answer: no and yes.
    Finally last question: Did the driver do everything he could to prevent accident.
    Answer: yes.
    Advance warning is adequate if sight line is obscured. So all the driving mistakes are the pickups. So it is the pickups fault. It is a non preventable because the other driver made all mistakes that led to accident.

  • Ron W.

    I had a guy in Ohio on Sept 14,2005 ,run a red light into the right rear of my truck,as I was making a left turn,his passenger was thrown from the car,and was killed. I got accused of this guy death. Why? The car was owned by the state of Ohio,and the driver of the car was an Ohio State Employee ! Guess who lost their CDL,and the truck I had just puchased…me. There wasn’t one person in Ohio that stood up in my defence. “Equal Justice under the Law”.not if you get enough Ohio cops together to write up a “rigged” acident report. The witness told the police that the guy ran the light red…the police told them “We’re not interested”. They allready had their agenda to cover up for this Ohio driver’s neglience,over the “out of state” truck driver. “Police officers are paid to commit perjury,when it benifits the state’s case”.

  • Tom T

    Dose not surprise me. The NSC`s Review Council has been getting quite a few cases lately. With a society that accepts responsibility for NOTHING, and why should they with a ready supply of skilled lawyers that can turn a wrong into a right in a New York minute, you have to cover every possibility that you have done and acted in the best possible way for the safety and well being of the driving public who just dose not give a damn. Cover you rear, constantly and oh, don`t forget the dash board cameras. I personally know of a driver who almost got locked up when he plowed into the back of a mustang till the trooper climbed up and saw something he couldn’t believe, a
    recording of the mustang driver passing him with the one
    finger salute, pulling in front and slamming on the brakes.
    Trooper said, “I wish every truck had one of these, would make my job so much easier.” Needless to say the mustang driver was charged and eventually did time for causing an accident. The reason? he was going to slow.

  • Jerry

    Insurance Fraud, if the Company is blaming the driver, then their paying for damages to repair the pickup Truck. Im curious what if a police report was filed.

  • NND

    99.9% of pickup drivers are assholes.
    This is true worldwide and in every State of the US I’ve ever lived in or even just driven through.
    The bigger the pickup the bigger the asshole.

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