Citing ‘bias against truckers,’ OOIDA calls for resignation of FMCSA head Anne Ferro

| June 06, 2014
Anne Ferro

Anne Ferro

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has sent Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx a letter asking for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Administrator Anne Ferro to resign and for Foxx to begin search for a new administrator immediately. 

Department of Transportation spokesperson Meghan Keck said in response to inquiry from Overdrive that the DOT “does not think a letter like that deserves a statement.”


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In the three-page letter, signed by OOIDA President Jim Johnston, the association says Ferro has a “clear bias against truckers and the trucking industry” and that the agency “can no longer perform its regulatory and enforcement duties impartially.” The group also accuses Ferro of violating federal laws that prohibit federally appropriated money to be used for lobbying purposes. 

The letter — and the claims about lobbying law violations — stem from a blog post published by Ferro June 3 in the DOT’s Fast Lane blog, in which she asks Congress not to roll back the hours of service rule changes implemented July 2013. (A Senate committee took up the cause Thursday.)

In the blog post, Ferro writes about three deadly crashes that she says point to the need for the more prohibitive hours of service rules. She also backs up her agency’s rule change by saying it was research-driven and by tossing out the figures the agency’s used from the beginning to justify the rule: 19 saved lives annually and 1,400 fewer crashes each year. 


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OOIDA says Ferro’s blog post illustrates an “extreme bias against the trucking industry and truckers in general.” 

“The tone of this blog posting leads professional truck drivers to conclude that the Administrator feels they are actively seeking to cause accidents (or at the very least lack a commitment to safety) by opposing specific changes to the hours-of-service regulations. Such comments coming from the Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which are obviously intended to influence legislative efforts, are totally inappropriate and should not be tolerated.” 


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OOIDA writes that its Board of Directors voted unanimously to call for Ferro’s resignation. The association says in addition to what it refers to as “demagoguery against truck drivers,” FMCSA has continued to act quickly on larger regulations like hours of service — contrary to the impact they have on the industry and on drivers and their questionable effect on safety — and slowly on actions that the industry supports and could have a greater impact on safety, like OOIDA’s push for entry-level driver training. 

“Ferro’s failure to perform her duties impartially, her failure to lead her agency to fulfill Congressional mandates and her failure to responsibly prioritize the agency’s tasks has left the OOIDA Board of Directors no choice but to unanimously vote in favor of a call for [Ferro’s] resignation,” the letter reads. 

Click here to read OOIDA’s letter. 

  • guest

    Tony and Anne have a little Dance andSing Along……Two Immigrunts in every truck…is the name of their tune…….lol

  • Mike Smith

    That’s the way it works, basically. You been on the road to many years.

  • Helen

    I am aware of what you are saying, but not all women are what you say. I have never had a problem with getting what or who I want, but I pay because I don’t relinquish control of me to anyone. And I have always taken care of my men. I refuse to be categorized….

  • Helen

    Women are all different. they are not all one way or another. Just like men are all different. Many of them are not exactly rocket scientists. What ever happened to taking a person on their own merit?

  • Helen

    Nice talking….Hope the best for you…really!

  • Mike Smith

    Bout time. End of story.

  • gemstoneprincess

    I’m sorry, don’t blame it on women old timer. Blame it on what it is a person in a position of authority, that has a problem and is prejudiced, and biased in her decision making processes. Hasn’t taken the time to do a fair and balanced analysis of the problems. She and this is not all women, is not qualified for the position she is in.
    Woman with 20 years driving experience here. So save your blah, blahs for the simple minds that think grabbing the that gear knob makes them a REAL MAN!!!! Ask any woman about what makes you a man, and sweetly, kindly, yes we will tell you.

  • Michael Szajna

    I DO NOT need the federal government involved in my life other than for national security. I do not need ANYONE telling me when I should or should not drive. I have safely and successfully made those decisions for MYSELF for 32 years. When are citizens going to take responsibility for their own lives instead of sucking the teet of government AND, when is government going to realize they cant fix everything !!!

  • Linda L. Thompson

    Keep it up OOIDA! Ferro and Foxx should both go. They are both prejudiced and biased against truckers.

  • dondada

    she’s ignorant and stupid ,changing the HOS rules does not accomplish a thing they can set the on duty driving hours to 3 hours on and 21hours off and still have accidents because if a driver don’t use any of his/her off duty time to sleep when they get back on duty they’ll still be tired and sleepy.

  • lastgoodusername

    Queen Anne is doing just what she was put in place to do.( let them eat cake)

  • Shadow Hauling

    Ya he was doing good and had my attention till he said WOMEN. I’ve run with some very good woman drivers out there.

  • Shadow Hauling

    Mike why are you the way you are. Did your wife leave you or can’t you get one ? Why bash the female drivers ? They aren’t the ones that made these laws and rules we now have . Maybe with your attitude you need to retire and get your mean aggressive ass of the road before it turns into road rage against another driver be it man or woman. And you can’t say anything against me that I haven’t heard before from bigger men than you if you have to keep bashing woman. Have a good day. And David Mac your no better.

  • Shadow Hauling

    Mike you really need to get out and get laid by a woman and leave the guys alone. It will replace a lot of your rage toward woman. I have just about as many females that live around me that hunt as men do. I have just about as many female farmers near me as men. I know as many female in the armed services as I do men. I know as many female nurses as I do males. If you know anything at all you would know that there were woman in the the service in the pervious wars that helped make this country strong. How many MEN presidents have we had compared to woman ? Wasn’t a woman running this country that’s destroying it over the years. I have to agree with you on the political leaders ruining this country but they aren’t all woman. What about Harry Reid , Obama, Bloomburg,cuomo,schumer ? just to name a few. Go out out and get laid buy a real woman tonight and you will feel better tomorrow . Trust me.

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  • kmill01

    Wow, thanks professor usmc 69-75. Were glad you have all the answers.

  • Gear13

    If the truth were fully known, her agency went shopping for a sleep lab that would render the results she wanted to show before tests were even begun. And after searching under several rocks, found the sleep lab at Washington State University, that would show preconceived findings. And how much digging has to be done to show how much Washinton State benefited from this “unbiased” research? The results are proof enough to me.

  • JJ

    Here’s an idea. Since they want to restrict trucks so much, why not ban them from all roads. If people need things, have them go to the manufactures and get them, themselves. When the manufactures need things, have them put them in their pickups or the trunks of their cars. Pretty silly… Huh?
    They can’t live with us, or without us.
    Another twist might be to impose HOS on car drivers too. Again, pretty silly.
    And then there is the possibility that educating the average car driver as to the dynamics of big rigs. Have the D.O.T. Officers actually start watching for the stupid things people do in cars, that cause big rig crashes.
    Drop the speed limit to 10 MPH. Hey, it’s faster than walking.

  • Richard Newton

    It is my belief he incorrectly used the word women when he meant woman referring to the head of FMSCA that is a typical flunkie put there to be a puppet.

  • USMC 69-75

    WOW! Your welcome….glad I could help educate the underdeveloped!
    Nothing to having “All the answers” just common sense.

  • USMC 69-75

    You can keep your union……I’m doing just fine on my own! I don’t need to pay somebody for a job!

  • John Scott

    Agency’s like FMCSA are there to satisfy the public by adding more regulations. Its job security for them. The Wal Mart driver in NJ accident had not slept in 24 hours! HOS regulations did nothing to fix that. You can’t fix stupid! If the industry was in better shape and more attractive to better people. You would get a better driver. I don’t believe for a second with electronic logs, Wal Mart dispatched a driver that would require a driver to not sleep in 24 hours. Its too easy for the FMCSA to just add to the regulations rather then addressing the industries problems.

  • A Jones

    This is why we are in the situation we are in now. We can not even stand together to respond to an article. You think the fmcsa…. DOT takes us seriously. They will continue to do whatever and implement the rules and changes they deem necessary. I’m not a veteran trucker but I have not been a rookie in a long time either…… It’s time to get rid of diseased drivers, rules and mandates that we are forced to follow. Trucking is in my heart…. I don’t do it for the money….. It’s time for us to UNITE….. Union, non-union, independent, company, lease, owner-op, whatever….. And yes…. Anne Ferro needs to go.

  • bill

    What the fuck is a union going to do???? But take are money do u see what happen to the auto industry that was. Because 90 unions because some jerk off wanted to make 25 bucks to screw in a bolt fuck unions……

  • kw2000

    Truckers union is the answer….we r the ones tht have the power…the actual drivers not ooida or any other group…but it will nvr hppen…we wont stick together…just bitch and moan..that wont help anything.

  • Mind Games

    Starting a union separate from the union that is in place now IS the answer!
    A union started from scratch that does not invite right wing or left wing propaganda is the only answer.
    But sadly many of you are brainwashed into believing that there are only right and left answers to our dilemma and so we can never come together because those of you I speak of cannot think for yourselves.
    This is not opinion but a fact that XM radio as great as it is in terms of content has and will continue to brainwash the weak minds in the industry with propaganda radio thus dividing an indispensable industry and it’s workers and opening the door to more corruption than even Jimmy Hoffa could have even dreamed of doing.
    We have more power than the president yet many minds have been reduced to the level of a child and thus those of you I speak of cannot think for yourselves without a daily dose of XM radio and or repeating what you have heard and allowing it into a perfectly normal conversation much like in the movie classic 1984 you worship big brother in corporate and or government form you kneel before them as though they are gods.
    Don’t believe me? Just turn on your CB radio and listen…

  • Blue

    She didn’t label anyone, David, she labeled his COMMENTS in a very legitimate way. YOU are actually the one using a Straw man argument, which is invalid FYI, and YOU are the one engaging in childish behavior. Perhaps you are the one who could use more education. Leave the discussion to those with the maturity to handle the matter.

  • oiljackpot

    Perhaps it is time to find out what community she lives in and stop deliveries there. (I’m not a driver)

  • Comment8r

    You tell Tami not to resort to name calling after calling her a sexist. You’re a pompous ass and an idiot.

  • disqus_7ayGJSNXFl

    Why all the profanity? Makes truck drivers look so educated. NOT. Plain, and simple, remove this woman and her minions, and replace her with someone who has knowledge, and understanding of the trucking industry. May be asking to much, since the whole government has no understanding of what it is doing either.

  • Rhinestone Cowboy

    Here’s what I see… The general public make truckers out to be a huge problem on the roads. When in fact American’s love of cars has grown sooo greatly that every one has, what’s the statistic 2.5 cars? How about the fact that just 2 weeks ago I was nearly killed along with 5 other cars and another semi all because some jerk off just HAD to pass everyone and a semi in a 1/4 mile passing zone on a 2 lane without confirming the damned oncoming lane was even clear all while playing chicken with me CLEARLY seeing there’s a great big fire engine red dump truck coming and proceeding to run me off the road!!! Or how about the sheer lack of police presence on the damned roads preventing these impatient jackoffs from doing all the illegal maneuvers they can think of….. Just last week here in Binghamton NY some 4 wheeler from Florida PURPOSFULY mowed down an officer handing out an invitation on I 81 north. I know it isn’t just me, but how many times a day do you guys throw your hands up in the air wondering why you absolutely had to be cutoff on the interstate for NO reason at all? Instead of punishing these people, we the truck drivers get even more scrutinized and regulated because its our fault someone got killed or wrecked. I’m not saying were all perfect little angels out there. But for our families sake and for the sake of our lives, why isn’t the real problem being handled?? My vote, DASH CAMS in ALL trucks that can be turned in to police as evidence and used to site these people that are in fact endangering the lives of EVERYONE on the roads, and off the roads for that matter. To those opposed to dash cams I ask, what are YOU hiding? I may not be a million miler, but I am a professional truck driver, with NO accidents, or tickets for speeding or just simple dangerous driving. Put the blame where it belongs and fine and punish appropriately. Perhaps then we can ALL have a safe drive HOME today.

  • Shadow

    Barry, I am a woman and I drive a truck just as any “man” out there. I can tell you must be 1000 years old and one of the “men” that I encounter daily that believe all women where put here to serve you right. Pregnant, barefoot, and in he kitchen right!! “Men” like you make my job fun because I get to piss you off everyday just by my presence in the trucking industry. The real men in trucking respect me as an equal

  • Shadow

    The issue of HOS is just

  • Mark M

    “Now, the women in this country have giving it such a bad name. Simply because they have twisted everything into something bad”

    But he’s not bashing women? What the hell do you call that statement? I have run with plenty of competent women, and most of them just want to be “just another driver”, and be treated fairly…like we all do.

  • Mark M

    Funny how you didn’t mention any Republicans. Guess they are all A-OK in your book right? Take your political rantings to Fox News, and try sticking to the topic.

  • M.A.R.S.O.C marines corps

    It does not matter how much we’re bitch and moan about FMCSA it’s always another college graduate or money hungry one that came in the position. Why don’t they hire retiree truckers for starters and government will never let US truckers unified because somewhere one of those trucking companies are government employees. Only thing we can ask for is HIRE RETIREE TRUCKING AS FMCSA.

  • USMC 69-75

    Unions won’t help either……only line their pockets, you making that much money, you can afford to pay somebody to speak for you…..because you don’t have the ball to speak for yourself? Unions won’t give you a spine!

  • wheelwell

    My mom is a Southern Pride Driver. Before that she ran team reefer. Before that She was a chip truck driver. Before that, Milk Truck. You can take your anti-woman comments and stick them ahole.

  • lastgoodusername

    maybe she can get a job driving one of them big ole trucks. i heard they makes lotsa money.

  • Tony Scovell

    need to go back to the original hrs of service.drivers drove on those for years before someone got an itch up there but to change dosent help have all the people not in the industry trying to put there 2 cents in unless you drove i think you should have anything with the politics of driving.dosent help wth all the stupid bone head lawyers putting adds on tv to sue truckers or companys all the time either.there like ambulance chasers.maybe if someone started suing these groups for causing mental anguish an loss of income for thier stupidity it would be more of a start an people could see how serious the occupation really is.

  • Tony Scovell

    there are bad guy drivers as well as women ive been around trucking since the gas pots an there are guys that just cant handle women in the trucking feild.its statments like thatthat are seperating the drivers an dring people to want to quit driving.thats how the goverment is tearing the feild apart .no conssistency.rules that dont work getting rid of the old school drivers bringing in younger people willing to put up with it .it definitley dosent have the closenit people it once had.

  • Natalie

    Why is it that Ferro has been trying to cut the hours that truckers are driving now and before. What about all the truckers hauling at the oil fields? Aren’t they a disaster to the other people on the roads. Why can they drive for 20 hours and not have to comply like the rest of the truckers out there. Is it all political? Look at the things that can happen and all the accidents they are having at the oil fields that no one reports. Come on wake up Ms. Ferro……………………………………

  • keith

    As a member of the Teamsters I can tell you that particular Union which is supposed to represent trucking, SUCKS!!! James P, Hoffa Jr. is totally in favor of cutting our hours even more, and has received awards from a couple of the most anti-trucking groups out there!!! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.