Citing registry growth, FMCSA denies OOIDA request to delay med examiner rule

| May 27, 2014

med doc exam formsThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has denied the Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association its request for a delay in the effective date of the agency’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners rule.

In a May 22 letter from FMCSA head Anne Ferro, the agency told OOIDA that the registry’s recent growth — from 10,000 at the time of OOIDA’s April 8 petition for the delay to the current 21,700 — and the lack of a single deadline for all drivers give the agency sufficient reason to deny the request. 


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The rule took effect May 21, and any driver due for medical certification must obtain it from a medical examiner from the agency’s registry. Current medical certifications are still good through the expiration date listed on the cards, however. 

OOIDA petitioned the agency in April for the delay, saying a shortage of medical examiners could sideline drivers’ operations and cost them time and money searching for an examiner and not being able to work. When OOIDA made its request, only about 10,000 examiners had been approved by the agency and were in the registry. 

In the weeks leading up to the May 21 effective date, the agency more than doubled that number, and it expects to add 2,500 more in the coming weeks, the agency said in its letter to OOIDA.

FMCSA projected in its rule it would need 40,000 medical examiners in the registry to adequately cover the 4.4 million drivers subject to the rule. However, the agency says it didn’t need them by the time the rule started.


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“The vast majority of interstate truck and bus drivers will not need to obtain a medical certificate from a healthcare provider on the [registry] for a significant amount of time, and in many cases, for more than a year,” the agency wrote in its denial letter. “Second, the agency believes there are sufficient certified examiners on the National Registry.” 

The American Trucking Associations also filed a request with the agency to delay the effective date of the rule. Its request was filed when there were roughly 13,000 examiners in the registry.

As the rule has been made effective, the association’s request was not heeded. A letter to ATA from FMCSA has not yet been made public. 

  • guest

    The Globalists have a Time Table to enact all these NEW RULES for truckers to ABIDE BY… delays will be granted…..they must hurry to ram NEW TRUCKING up the truckers BUTT.

  • William McKelvie

    Imagine that, Ferro staying the course of screw the industry. Are we still expecting her to cooperate? That’s like expecting Hillary to shed a tear over Benghazi.

  • jan johnson


  • Timthetrucker

    Won’t be long now, until the trucking industry will be run as shotie as the post office!!! Maybe then the MATTS & such. & the GOOFY FMCSA bunch will be happy!!

  • Midwest trucker

    I’m still wondering how the government can tell a doctor how to give a physical.

  • Don Dawson Sr

    She is a piece of work. None of them do anything, but screw the truck driver.

  • norman ott

    All of the new rules that have been implemented or will be have only made it easier on enforcement and tougher on drivers.

  • gj4utoo

    how about a national call to disban fmcsa and DOT!!!!

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Where have you been! I know most of the cast of characters on these posts only 1 or 2 have an once of commonsense! Be safe . . .

  • steve

    Anne Ferro said ” The FMCSA is not here to help the industry, we are here to enforce safety”, so to expect the FMCSA to give a rats tail about drivers not being able to find a certified physician to get his/her physical should not be a real shocker. We should not expect anything different.
    To enforce safety is to be reactive. What the FMCSA should be doing is being proactive by promoting safety. When was the last time you saw an advertisement promoting truck safety that wasn’t in a media source that was targeted towards truck drivers…………………..I’ll wait…………….let me help you out, not since the 90’s.
    The only proactive safety messages for the general motoring public is on trailers that are both confusing to most people, that aren’t truck drivers, or are so small that you need to tailgate the truck in front of you to read it.
    We see billboards promoting safety around trains (FRA), city/school buses and subways ( FTA ), construction zones ( DOT ), and for the past month have been inundated with “look twice for bikes” and similar motorcycle awareness campaigns ( DOT ), but nothing promoting truck safety. The FMCSA has only been our regulatory agent for 13 years and they done more to deter safety than they have to promote safety.

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  • norman ott

    The government has done nothing to promote safety around trucks. Not many cars will try to beat the train at the crossing but think nothing of cutting off a 80K truck at 70 MPH. When passing if you don’t keep looking while pulling back in some dumb ass will be passing on the right, I dealt with this all day Monday and Tuesday on I-35. Then the ones that pass with cruise control on. holding up traffic, there will be 8 or 10 cars bunched up around a truck. Trucks are looked at as a nuisance by the public.

  • guest

    Yep anne ferro screaming Enforcement!! She is busy Goose Stepping around her office and raising her arm in the Hitler Salute at the same time??

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  • WING

    Anne Ferro told the Senate/House transportation committee and senators/congressmen the ‘the FMCSA is not in business to HELP the industry’, but to make keep it safe. She has been given carte blanche by her political appointment. She will thumb her nose at Congress, OOIDA and anyone who gets in her way, and her directives come from the president….say enough?

    She’s never driven a truck…oooh though she did ride in an OOIDA members extended sleeper 379 for 2 days… ooh, now she is qualified to act like our mother superior… sorry OOIDA, your little stunt didn’t buy you diddly with her and her cronies.

    You all might investigate how much stocks and ownership she may or may not have in trucking telematics companies…??

  • William McKelvie

    Funny you should bring that up, that topic has come up a lot lately. You do know that the founder of qualcomm just had a 10k plate dinner with Obama, yes he surely did.

  • FedUp

    Just like the shutdown in 1979…that really improved things. All we got was an increase in gross weight from 73, 280 to 80K lbs., and deregulation that put most all companies out, and opened the floodgates for saturation of the industry as we see it now.

    Tough game, this trucking thing. Government run, soon to be government owned. Federal reg.’s to cameras watching you, not my idea of freedom of the road anymore. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.