George & Wendy Show

Wendy Parker

Close encounters with flying monkeys

| March 03, 2013

“It’s a black ultralight.”

“It’s a black, ultralight, flying monkey that’s going to eat our faces off.”

My head started to ache in the spot the evil spider monkey tore my hair loose from. “I need to lay down.”

“Babe, it’s an ultralight, a little kite-plane. It’s OK.”

“Yeah, it’s perfectly fine until the evil witch makes the flying monkey swoop down and tear a chunk of my hair out. My hair is a piece of art. Robin works hard on this. I can’t afford to have a bald spot — I just got bangs cut. And if that thing poops on your truck as it’s circling us, it’s going to burn straight through the hood into the engine and cause us to crash. They’re evil. Evil poop burns through anything.”

“You’re right. You need to lay down. For a long time. And be quiet.”

“I’ll be quiet forever when the evil monkey brutally murders me. Oh look, is that an ultralight? Dang, it’s awful cold for an ultralight.” strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.