CNBC series probes truck crashes

| July 30, 2014

“Collision course” is the suggestive headline of a new investigative series on the CNBC network that is airing beginning today, Wednesday, July 30, throughout the day. The series airs in four parts reported by Eamon Javers and “shines a light on the dangers of crashes that involve long-haul trucks.” 


Driver pleads not guilty in Tracy Morgan crash charges, HOS argument brims

With several news reports suggesting its driver had been awake working for 24 hours prior to the accident, Walmart spokesperson Brooke Buchanan issued a statement ...

Data points the network highlighted in its press release accompanying news of the series highlight out-of-service violations in aggregate and several tragic accidents, likewise available and future enhanced safety technologies — from adaptive cruise to autonomous vehicles.

“Critics say the industry is under-regulated,” CNBC noted, “and point to a growing problem in which companies, in an effort to avoid litigation, simply change their name – a process they call ‘chameleon carriers.'” 

The network’s segment on one chameleon carrier case follows. You can catch other of the series videos via this link. Those wishing to comment to the network can utilize the form on their website here

  • guest

    20-20 Drivers and Chameleon Carriers…same story different decade?
    Hilarious Stuff….lol

  • guest

    crash crash smash smash….crazy industry for sure. lol

  • Joyce Sauer Brenny

    Maybe they should interview the driver of the van who killed my father-in-law. That man was intoxicated, driving a mini van, which ran a stop sign and hit the semi truck my father in-law was driving. As the founder of Trucking Families- I just want to say, we are tired of the attack on our loved ones and we want our roads safe for our trucking family members!!! The motorists driving around our trucks are the cause of 80% of the accidents with commercial vehicles! Stop this ignorance and we will save more lives!!

  • Jack Simon

    Since about 80% of car and truck crashes are caused by stupid 4 wheelers I think that the car drivers should get a remedial course in driving to try to stay alive and not cause the accidents.

  • David

    Joyce, I completely agree with you. I’ve been out here 35+ years. I’d like a SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT!
    All Americans have OSHA to help make sure they have a safe working Environment. I realize we don’t have enough Law Enforcement Officers to stop this or slow it down.

    I see it EVERYDAY automobile’s racing around like it’s OK to Drive like this. Until they see a Police car, then and only then they suddenly drive like they know the laws and demonstrate they indeed can drive safely. It’s AMAZING! Yet discussing at the same time.

    It is natural for us to look down the road and see well into our future. People just do not realize in just a few seconds how far they will travel at high rates of speed. I don’t care about the speed. The darting back and forth from lane to lane is where we all have the problem.

    When I get over in the left lane for no apparent reason, people need to realize I see something they DON’T! Much safer to follow my lead, than pass me on the right as they accelerate faster into a hazardous situation.

    Very sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for sharing your families story with us.
    Be Safe!

  • scott

    first off,if the companies did not hire every geek off the street and put them through free company paid training then after 4 months turn them loose on their own,the trucking industry might not be as bad,also,the people wanting to be drivers are just looking for a job where they can sit on their asses and not work,they think driving a truck is easy.I am a 15 year truck tech and the company I work for hires some of the dumbest people to drive a truck,they also get a deferment/tax break from the gov’t if they hire useless people(blacks mostly) and train them so they can get them off welfare or put felons back to work.

  • Truckertwotimes

    there’s no reason for car drivers to do that, they are the one’s that make the rules, laws and regulations etc.

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  • truckerdaddy

    4 months? Most companies train 3-4 WEEKS after 3 weeks of cdl school strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.