CNBC series probes truck crashes

| July 30, 2014

“Collision course” is the suggestive headline of a new investigative series on the CNBC network that is airing beginning today, Wednesday, July 30, throughout the day. The series airs in four parts reported by Eamon Javers and “shines a light on the dangers of crashes that involve long-haul trucks.” 


Driver pleads not guilty in Tracy Morgan crash charges, HOS argument brims

With several news reports suggesting its driver had been awake working for 24 hours prior to the accident, Walmart spokesperson Brooke Buchanan issued a statement ...

Data points the network highlighted in its press release accompanying news of the series highlight out-of-service violations in aggregate and several tragic accidents, likewise available and future enhanced safety technologies — from adaptive cruise to autonomous vehicles.

“Critics say the industry is under-regulated,” CNBC noted, “and point to a growing problem in which companies, in an effort to avoid litigation, simply change their name – a process they call ‘chameleon carriers.'” 

The network’s segment on one chameleon carrier case follows. You can catch other of the series videos via this link. Those wishing to comment to the network can utilize the form on their website here

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