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Colorado driver wins Firestone-customized tractor

| March 28, 2014
Brad Peterson of Colorado held the key that started the engine of the Firestone Edition Class 8 tractor.

Brad Peterson of Colorado held the key that started the engine of the Firestone Edition Class 8 tractor.

Brad Peterson of Wellington, Colo., won a 2013 Firestone Edition Class 8 tractor and more Thursday in the Drive a Firestone Sweepstakes at the Mid-America Trucking Show, announced Bridgestone Commercial Solutions.

Peterson, who drives for an excavating company in Wellington, said he was thrilled to win the Peterbilt 589, which features a highly customized interior and exterior appointments that reflect the Firestone brand.

The Peterbilt 589 that Firestone gave away. (Click to enlarge.)

The Peterbilt 589 that Firestone gave away. (Click to enlarge.)

 “This is the first contest I’ve ever won in my life,” Peterson said. “I gave a big hug and kiss to my wife… I’m retiring my current truck and using the new truck to haul equipment.”

In addition to the tractor, Peterson won an all-expenses paid trip for two to the 2014 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, assistance to help defray tax costs and up to a five-year supply of Firestone tires. 

The five finalists, selected at random, each received an all-expenses paid trip for two to the 2014 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race and the Mid-America Trucking Show where the tractor was on display. 

Peterson’s win concluded the Firestone Drives America Tour, which launched last July to introduce new commercial truck tires to fleets and drivers. It stopped at select Minor League Baseball and NCAA College Football games across the country.

Prizes awarded throughout the sweepstakes included all-expenses paid trips for two to a baseball championship series game, all-expenses-paid trips for two to attend the college football national championship game, and $500 gift cards and Firestone-branded apparel.

“This tour and sweepstakes allowed us to showcase our latest Firestone-brand tires – the FS591 steer, FD691 drive, and FT491 all-position radials – in a fun, unique manner across the country,” said Matthew Stevenson, vice president of marketing for Bridgestone Commercial Solutions.

The Drive a Firestone sweepstakes was open to drivers with a valid U.S. commercial driver’s license (Class 8) and who own or operate a Class 7 or 8 vehicle.

  • Redrooster

    These new rules for E logs is a crock of shit why are they regulate how much we can work to provide for our families when they are allowed to work all they want to make our lives harder and take money out of our pockets it’s time to park the truck and let them starve and go naked they are pushing to far with this it’s going to bite them in the ass real soon

  • oldpaths

    There has to be an exemption for an owner/operator operating on his own authority.

  • Bennie Dobson


  • Paladin

    We can all just drive side by side down the interstate till the computer shuts the truck down lol

  • snowman

    When is enough oversight enough ? We have to be fingerprinted, giving a physical, stop at railroad crossings, feel out log books, and drive for ourselves and all the idiots in four wheelers. Lets make sure the trucker pays, and lets not look at who causes 87 percent of truck -car crashes every year, its easy for them to pick on us cause we don’t have enough common sense people in charge, I bet most of them never been around a truck

  • Kenneth Williams

    We are regulated because some very stupid people decided to run for days on end. They killed people. Now we must do this because drivers like you won’t obey the law. If you are not going to follow the laws get out of trucking.
    Other people get to work overtime because if they make a mistake they don’t kill people. We can and do. E log is not that bad. 19 years on the road. I make money.

  • Carl

    I’ve been out here driving 17yrs an enough is enough. I’m looking at it in the fact that I got 2yrs lft and weeds can grow up around my truck in the backyard. I’ve never used e-logs and I won’t start using them. It’s sad that this industry has come to this. I’ve been around trucks all my life. It’s not just gov. In our business the company’s we drive for r just as bad.

  • dobby21

    Well I have been out here for 29 years and you’re on the wrong side of the fence. I sure none of us crawls out the bunk looking to cause injury or death to someone or even ourselves. To me this is about mandate mandate and mandate in the land of the free! Yeah your free but…. and I have way too much invested in this to just get out of trucking but if I’m pushed out I guess I will be pushed out!

  • marymary

    It is not to prevent accidents and deaths caused by accidents, it is MORE CONTROL of who can be more controlled and for all companies involved to make more money. More deaths are caused by cars etc., not 18wheelers!!! There’s so much control on 18wheelers that the USDOT etc. know when we eat, shit, sleep, and . . . 24/7, 365(6)days a year.

  • dobby21

    Right! Lol I hope it screws everything up and backfires on the rail companies who has a lot invested in slowing us down. If they do win with eld’s we should at least get Canadian drive time. 13hrs drive 8 hrs off 36hr restart give us something instead of take take take…..sorry for standing on the soap box too long lol!

  • dobby21


  • rlm

    Its a sad day when they force us to put these boxes in our trucks, I was raised to put the customer you work for first No matter what, I’ve built a small business on that belief its all about government control this will truly be a game changer for all independent operators Maby its time we all stand side by side !

  • Hy Ryan

    Right on, Wendy. While I’m staying in a hotel tonight since I drove my car instead of the truck, that’s where I headed also since I came into town too late to get into the show for Friday. There is great food being cooked and lots of stories being told. The parking lot is definitely full and I’d say that’s where the real truck show is. A great group of truckers over there.

  • Paladin

    First off it should be a violation of our civil rights to have a device tracking your every movement, much like the ones criminals wear under house arrest

    Second if you want safer highways improve the standards for who you hire. As it stand now if you have a pulse you can drive. In the past you used to have to know how to drive a standard tranny but auto shift has even removed that.

    These companies have their own schools that teach new drivers and I would bet less than 10 percent are failed then trained by trainers with little experience who were probably self taught and aren’t even doing it right themselves. Most states have more rigorous laws for beginning drivers of cars ie teenagers.

    That’s my 2 cents. Oh yeah throwing experience around I have over 20 years and 3 plus million accident free miles.

  • Joey Lang

    So if they are suppose to improve the safety of us drivers…… then if I wanna stop take a 4-5 hour nap in the middle of my driving status….. I can’t because of these computers they are going to make the driver push on threw his 10 or 11 hour shift so he doesn’t lose valuable miles and hours…… come on people really? I’m a owner operator and have never been forced to drive on if I didn’t want to!

  • Joey Lang

    Snowman you are more than right! But like dobby21 says We can’t stick together and that’s what’s killing guys like us! I guess it doesn’t help when half of us out can’t understand each other because they don’t speak English

  • larmar

    Few have CB’s any more and even fewer have them turned on. This would have been a nice article back in the 80’s or 90’s. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.