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Colorado to Offer Drivewyze Bypass Service

Overdrive Staff | January 21, 2014

Drivewyze and the Colorado State Patrol announced that Colorado has become the 19th state to offer the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service, which uses tablets, smartphones and select electronic on-board recorders to provide commercial vehicles with inspection site bypass opportunities.

Drivewyze mobile-based bypass services are now available at 13 fixed locations in Colorado, including the southbound Monument Port of Entry near Exit 11 on U.S. Interstate 25 and the eastbound Loma Port of Entry near Exit 15 on U.S. Interstate 70. The service officially went live on Dec. 13.

Drivewyze leverages cellular networks and the internet to add transponder-like functionality to tablets, smartphones and select electronic on-board recorders like those offered by PeopleNet, Zonar and XRS. Unlike traditional methods that use dedicated short-range communication transponders in every truck, Drivewyze doesn’t require the installation of additional equipment.

Drivewyze is available from Google Play as an app for Android-based tablets or smartphones or from the Drivewyze web site for iOS-based tablets or smartphones. It has assured privacy and data protection, meeting both federal and state distracted driving laws. Drivewyze is designed to benefit safe truck fleets and operators by giving them opportunities to gain bypasses through the strength of their safety scores and other factors including registration and IFTA tax compliance.

A free trial period and in-app trial activation allows drivers and fleets new to the subscription service to take full advantage of bypass opportunities almost immediately. Following the trial period, the regular subscription fee is $15.75 per truck per month. There’s no annual commitment and users can cancel at any time.

  • g

    Drivewyze is alot more INTRUSIVE and gives the Driver Name and Record of hours of service direct to the Cop in the chicken coop…it is MORE info than Pre Pass divulges….hooked up to the Electo Logs in the truck…..Driver NAME can quickly be CHECKED OUT too for warrants…unpaid citations etc.

  • Doug

    Hi — Drivewyze doesn’t share your hours of service with the weigh station, and it doesn’t pull any of this information from electronic logs to share with law enforcement. Drivewyze just looks up the DOT# that you are driving under to determine if you can get a bypass, based on your carrier’s safety score, and then reports to the station ahead whether or not your truck has received a bypass or not. That’s it!
    I’d be happy to go into this in more detail if you want, but I can assure you that Drivewyze takes driver privacy very seriously. No time stamping, no tracking, no sharing of data, and definitely no grabbing and sharing driver information from electronic logs.
    Doug, Drivewyze

  • g

    There was an article here recently that detailed how Drivewyze in particular DOES relay Driver Info directly to these cops AND Hours of Service in real time directly into the weigh station. Prepass does NOT do any of that. Thanks for ur Salesman Propaganda.

  • Doug

    Hi again G — I can understand where you got that perception. But the article you’re talking about describes how the kind of technology that we use COULD be used to do something called an “e-inspection” in the future — in which a driver or fleet who voluntarily wants to participate could actually get a CSA credit for a “virtual inspection” being done at highway speed. That’s the future though, and it will need a lot of government, industry and driver support before it happens, if ever, and although that article explains how we demonstrated how our technology could be used in this way in the future, Drivewyze may or may not be the ones that actually do it.
    With our bypass service today, though, we absolutely do not collect HOS and sensitive driver info and provide it to the weigh station. It goes against our privacy policy, and we would never betray our customers. What the weigh station sees is that a Drivewyze-enabled truck is coming down the road, and that it is or is not being granted a bypass based on its safety score and carrier tax compliance — just as with all other bypass programs.
    G, I would be happy to discuss this with you or anyone else in more detail at any time, if you’d like.

  • g

    Drivewyze parters with XRS Technology to provide “Regulatory Compliance Data” (hours of service/driver identity) displayed to Anne Ferro and FMCSA/Maryland State Police June 18??? Allied Automotive Group(2300 carhauler trucks) proudly displayed for all to see at this “EVENT” how DRIVEWYZE relays ALL this INFO to the COPS in the weigh station. This commenter “Doug” at Drivewyze is telling us this Tattle Tale Device doesnt do this?? What a stinking Liar. Anybody can look it up here on the internet…..clearly this jerk is a Salesman and Propaganda specialist trying to shove this crappy device onto unsuspecting drivers. Drivewyze is a Canadian company that damn sure is Un AMERICAN and dont care about anything but MONEY.They probably manufufacture ANKLE MONITOTING DEVICES too that Drivers “need” to wear when we are Off Duty?

  • g

    “These ALLIED car haulers” after driving past the weigh station and TRANSMITTING hours of service and driver identity and weigh in motion figures…”circled back” to the awaiting DIGNITARIES including Anne Ferro…for a nice pat on the back for this humiliating Bootlicker excercise of surrendering MORE American Citizen constitutional rights…thanks to DRIVEWYZE who is “ahead of the curve” in their CANADIAN(socialists) Zeal to Kiss the Butt of all cops….and Get Lucrative Contracts to install these DEVICES in every truck in America?????

  • g

    June 18 2013 this “DISPLAY”by Drivewyze and XRS technology was witnessed in Maryland by FMCSA….showing Cops in the weigh station Hours of Service and Weigh in Motion and Driver Identity….this is the FUTURE and DRIVEWYZE is leading the way for Big Brother Dominance,conformity, compliance, obediance………….Canadian Company. lol

  • g

    Yes Doug from Drivewyze…another article was posted Here June 18 2013 in Overdrive….about Your device that incorporates “E-Inspection” to give the weigh station cops the DRIVER IDENTIFICATION and Safety Record?? Sounds great…more Intrusion….JB HUNT was there showing off and Bootlicking for Anne Ferro..displaying this SPY device cheerfully installed in their Trucks as well as BANKRUPT ALLIED AUTO GROUP(car haulers)…really seems like alot of FUN Doug…what else do ya make?? CHIPS installed in the Driver’s Forehead??? You and JB Hunt cant wait to have these Devices in every truck in America..since You are a CANADIAN(socialist) country you think its Fine! Driver ID, Safety Record, and ELOGS will ALL me available to the COP in the weigh station with this E-INSPECTION provided by DRIVEWYZE….we should all BOYCOTT Drivewyze products so you go BROKE before you can put this HARNESS around the NECK of every American. WE are NOT Canadians.

  • heavyhaul68

    wow-sounds like prepass and drivewise employees are at it! i love competition.

  • g

    Drivewyze put on a Display to FMCSA June 18 2013 which was Published here at Overdrive…showing all the COP Agencies how Drivewyze could instantly BEAM to the COP in the COOP
    the NAME and Safety Record of the DRIVER, Hours of Service from his E-LOGS etc etc etc……and is MORE than willing to acceptyany LUCRATIVE CONTRACT the Government will give them to further HARNESS every trucker in America….since they are a Canadian company they will be laughing all the way to the Bank……Boycott Drivewyze or we are giving them MONEY to implement MORE and MORE surveilance devices for Cops to MONITOR the driver like we are in San Quentin. Drivewyze is certainly UN AMERICAN…they are FOREIGNERS who want to get RICH violating American Truckers.

  • g

    Drivewyze is leading the way for ALL driver info to be transmitted to the chicken coop including Driver IDENTITY and Current Hour of Service AND Driver Safety Record…this company has this Service READY TODAY for cops to use Nationwide…as the E-Log Mandate for ALL TRUCKS goes into effect Jan 29 2014. Trucker Drivers will be under a Microscope from now on….Like we are PRISONERS. Cameras and Speed Limiters will be in every truck Very Soon.

  • Dr Death

    Accepted in less states and is more expensive that pre pass? Whats the advantage?

  • g

    No Advantage…these Canadians want to Impose this Orwellian Tell All on American Truckers and laugh all the way to the Bank. Stick with Pre Pass….it gives the COP the basics and the Green Light for YOU.

  • Steve LaFleur

    It seems to me that the people with something to hide scream the most about technology being intrusive.

    We are piss tested, background checked to death and already give up a lot of freedoms to keep the FMCSA happy. No different than the pilot flying your plane, a locomotive engineer or anyone else under the umbrella of the surface transportation act.

    If you have unpaid citations, warrants, etc. – maybe it’s time to rethink that whole cool “outlaw” thing. Running legal and running safe isn’t really that bad. Beats being broke and out of work.

  • wing

    correct the Monument POE scale…I think they meant to say in the article that POE/Trinidad, Colorado is at the 11 mile post. Monument ,Colorado is POE scale just south of County line rd at 161 mile post on I-25.

  • wing

    Doug….who is to say NSA of America or any
    hacker competent enough cannot follow along with you, stealing your information, any available I mean, including the information about time stamping..which is GPS driven from the atomic clock source?
    What’s to stop the FMCSA or any other agency from using any info to their benefit.

    I see your effort to make telematics more
    useful without the high cost of EOBR installation…as the smartphone is readily available…..yet, what stops the march of this deadly privacy and freedom killer Beast of technology.? A clear money maker for telematics providers but this will Definitely not make more money for the driver..
    We, as drivers, are fed this line continuously, but are never told how this wizardry benefits us!

    Drivewyze will definitely make you money,
    but do we sell ours souls for the benefit of your profit?

    As drivers, this is just another techno-gadget to further enslave us to the machine…. George Orwell and Skynet.
    No one is really purporting that this techno-hyper invasion of the driver’s privacy is beneficial to the driver.

    Your product is just another command and control tool.

  • WING

    yet you seem to prefer enslavement to the machine…to tell you what to
    think, do..when to take a break..your body tells you that…and as a
    thinking man you should know better than to think a computer is the
    first line of defense when it comes to safety.You can do it all right,
    dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s, do it all perfectly and it
    can all still go wrong.
    You see Steve, what all the telematics
    salesman will tell you, like Doug just did above, is that the machine is
    capable of perfectly enslaving us to the machine, now and in the
    future, which is nearer than you think. It is now. And telematics will indeed do so!
    think the technology will save you, doing all the thinking for you and
    monitoring your every move.. A dash cam is a great tool, should you need
    it. It should not be used as an harassment and enslavement tool against
    the driver. But it is used, by the very nature it represents, as such.
    the machine is capable of all the above that Doug described, it is like
    the nuclear weapon…and who envisioned that that technology would not
    hold the world hostage one day?
    The computer telematics of a smart
    phone device limited to it’s capabilities by memory depth, radio
    bandwidth availability, software apps, will enslave you to the command
    and control philosophy of our corporate/ Bank controlled government.

    Drivewyze apps and others will definitely improve the product to do all things that command and control require…that’s a no brain-er money maker.

    do we sell our God given right to free thinking,free speech,privacy, for all
    this convenience?
    are shippers/receivers/dispatchers/companies held to a lower standard
    than the drivers, who by law, since 1938, under the Fair Labor Standards
    Act, are defined as ‘unskilled labor’ and therefore not entitled to an
    hourly wage or overtime?

    it’s not reasonable to compare a driver
    to a pilot/locomotive engineer or others as you say, when they are paid
    hourly, are mostly held to a rigid hourly work schedule( see plane crash
    in Connecticut for what goes wrong when your pilots are overly tired
    and still required to work) and railroads have union representation, so
    are held to FRA standards also.

    There is something very profane
    and ironic about treating an over the road driver as a slave and
    indentured servant , via FLSA, paying he/she per mile yet making them
    log by the hour. If you are getting mileage pay, why are you logging by
    the hour.
    No attempt is made to free the driver to actually do the job safely, taking breaks as needed.
    The shipper/receiver/dispatcher is again held blame-less.
    many apps are available for the FMCSA/FRA,POE to monitor
    dispatchers/shippers and receivers and match load and transport
    capability to the driver’s available hours? And immediately
    enforceable by the driver?

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