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Con-way Truckload talks changes in trucking

| August 23, 2013
  • No Reform

    We log alot more hours than any McDonalds worker..but actually the rate of pay turns out to be Minimum Wage.

  • No Reform

    Conway knows that Conditions and Pay for company drivers is deplorable, disgusting and shameful. They want to sucker more Chumps to work for the. Now they are aiming at women. They should be run out of business for their Lying Bullcrap.

  • No Reform

    Truckstops today look like the Face of Evil…the weird looking Freaks pose as truck drivers….prison Tatoos from Scalp to Feet….weirdest of the weird are in these trucks…I would NOT recommend it to any woman…..even a MAN has to have a Strong Stomach to be around the Kooks of today who call themelves truck drivers…its disgusting and getting WORSE every day.

  • His & Hers Transport

    Exactly No Reform! If one were to factor in ALL the hours an OTR driver spends away from home the pay would be less than minimum wage!

  • No Reform

    The company will GUARANTEE you will be away from Home for 2 weeks or so..but No Guarantee you will earn any MONEY. They have their slaveboy to be on call 24/7 out in a Tin Box….but theMONEY is Generally Crap as this article states.

  • Ripped Off drivers

    Pay is the issue…Conditions are Horrible…most women will not like it…it is disgusting.

  • Tami Potirala

    Not as bad as you are making it sound strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.