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Con-way ups driver pay, adds bonus

| August 12, 2014

Con-way Truckload announced it has increased its per-mile pay, increased layover pay and added a new incentive bonus, all of which goes into effect Sept. 7.

Con-way says when combined, the compensation changes bring its pay for new-hire experienced drivers to 42.5 cents a mile.

The bonus can be earned by reaching certain mileage or continuous employment thresholds, Con-way says, and will be paid as an annual bonus up to 3 cents per mile from the previous 12 months.

The layover pay is increasing from $60 to $75 per day.

  • guest

    Oh yea the Unattainable “bonus” that you aint NEVER gonna see..will Almost bring yer pay to Minimum Wage when ya factor in 70 hours a week and More. ahahahha… the usual JOKE…

  • guest

    “performance bonus”..if you Kiss everybody’s Ass just right?
    “Mileage bonus” if you make 12k per week….but only get dispatched on 8k?? Lots of fun…..the bean Counters from harvard design these unattainable “bonuses” to Rip you Off……just like Las Vegas….YOUR chance of getting this Money is damn sureNOT going to be Good…the execs sit up there laughing at the Suckers willing to fall for this Crap. ahahaha just a joke…….lol ..If the recruiter’s lips are moving..he is damn sure Lying to YOU to get his Commision when you gall for this bullcrap and signup to be screwed……lol

  • ChomeGetsYouHome

    guest, I have an amazing ability to pick up on sarcasm and detect that you may be a little distrusting of carriers… Plenty of awful ones out there to be sure, but Conway TL is a great carrier for drivers/ICs.

  • guest

    Well it is good to know there is ONE…

  • guest

    OOPS..make that 12K per MONTH….fur the “bonus” but only dispatched on 8k per month…hence no Bonus….many compnies rig the system…

  • guest

    Always a game for the dummy(driver) to LOSE.
    Hoops for the BOY to hop thru??? Such a sick JOKE…..the execs always are the WINNER……they play the trucker as a Chump and usually rip him off good….this is how they get RICH…..their money comes from slave labor…..You the truck driver.

  • Shrek

    Ya this “guest”is probably a driver that u can never make happy and expect mounds of money for basically sitting around AND how do we know they actually a Conway Driver? Driver if ur not HAPPY with ur fleet management then call operations and change fleets ITS THAT SIMPLE r move companies! I roll avg 2900-3300 miles weekly constantly! But I keep the left door closed and right foot down and don’t baby sit chrome shop r truck stops strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.