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Convoy for a Cure postmortem — a resounding success

| October 30, 2009

With $13,000 raised and more than 30 trucks and many good times, the Convoy for a Cure event, dedicated to breast cancer awareness and fund-raising, at Willie’s Place last weekend can no doubt be called a success, says Overdrive‘s October Trucker of the Month Howard Salmon. Salmon (pictured here with fellow country singer Kathy White) performed songs from his “These Trucks Are Made of Gold” record and enjoyed time with his wife, Mary, who flew in from their place in Hawaii for the event. Three other convoys were likewise staged in Canada this year, and between the total four nearly $100,000 was raised to promote breast cancer research and awareness. For more on the event’s origins, see my post from September or connect with the organization on Facebook here.

Photo by Roland Villareal


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