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Todd Dills

Could EOBRs solve the detention dilemma?

| May 04, 2012
  • Midwest DOT

    Congrats on getting below the threshold. I know it let’s you breathe easier. We are in the business of keeping carrier’s scores below the “Alert” threshold and making sure they are DOT compliant should the DOT come knocking. visit us as

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  • Gordon A

    This is how the EOBR can work for some and depending on the companies application to service. It may not work for the majority of carriers /drivers. Blake’s company is short haul. A stark difference between his and a majority of other carriers that run the contingent 48 states.
    This also shows that his decision to install the EOBR was not to reduce accidents ( he had none) but to stay in business. His company had a very good safety rating. It was logging paper work that required him to do this. Another small carrier that got caught up in the Govt’s mumbo jumbo.
    Honest mistakes in logging times or numbers is a mistake not a falsification. Dot inspectors are perfect. They never make a mistake.

  • Thomas Blake

    Hi Gordon, We run and scheduale numerous loads per truck a day, trucks average 520- 660 miles a day with 2-3 drop & hooks, and 1 live load each day. Time mangament is very important. My life would be easier if I were still doing long haul.

  • g

    Yippee..sounds real exciting…being monitored by cops 24/7 and the Pay is still Crap.

  • g

    Yep he was Intimidated by cop agencies to Install Monitoring devices….some are forced to install driver Monitoring Cameras!! cops have no time to arrest illegal alien truckers who are busy taking OUR loads cheaply and taking OUR jobs….

  • g

    Comply, Obey, Conform…..more rules each day..and illegal aliens running wild driving 18 wheelers?? Something wrong with this picture??? Dictatorship??

  • g

    D.O.T. is happy to have MORE boot lickers…welcome aboard Sellout….next they can install a Camera in Your bedroom to see if You are “compliant”…??

  • g


  • Max Log

    BS, it only complicates the job and will cause for more and more ppl getting out of business, and the ones left behind, forget about making money with the truck, move on.

  • jay

    This don’t work for every body. It’s no doubt in my mind this is a move to get the small man out the way for those cheap paying big companies!!

  • Joe Ammons

    This will work for the entire industry if and only if the FLSA exemption is revoked/abolished. Then all companies big and small would be in a position where they would charge detention to cover the time that must be paid to driver. AND owner operators would benefit the trickle down with in 6 months.

    As it was originally mandated the FLSA exemption was under the direction of the Secretary of Transportation, I believe it still is and could be lifted by the Secretary without congressional action.

    It is time people, you can sign the petition on

  • Sasha Renfrow

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