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| July 02, 2009

For example, they leave photo-location records of where they are or where they’ve been run the possibility of face-to-face interaction with others of similar interests motivates users of to maintain their microblogged, geolocated record. Driver Pritchard describes the service and its iPhone application, which allows for the use of GPS data to cross-reference with your posts, as enabling just that.

“When I get where I’m going, I say, ‘Here I am,’ essentially,” as BrightKite logs his location, he says. “I can look at the history of others who’re using the service. Say I come across a couple guys I know who are also truckers. One of them, say, has checked in here very recently. I message him and say, ‘Hey let’s get a cup of coffee and gab for a while.’”
Pritchard says he’s waiting for a developer to address the social possibilities for truckers. “I would imagine that something like a BrightKite written for truck drivers, accessing the phone’s capability, would go over quite well,” he says.

Donna Smith envisions such a function as a “cross between Twitter and a CB.” Donna and her husband, Allen Smith, are the progenitors of the iPhone Trucker app. Though the app is a news and resource aggregator for iPhone users, the Smiths are working to leverage the GPS capability of the iPhone to enable connections among the trucking community.

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