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Crete raising pay 2c per mile for owner-ops, company drivers

| March 12, 2014

Crete Carrier Corp. announced March 12 that it would be raising pay 2 cents a mile for all national over-the-road drivers and owner-operators. The pay raise applies to drivers at Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking and Hunt Transportation and will take effect April 1. 

The starting pay for Crete, Shaffer and Hunt drivers will now be 43 cents to 47 cents a mile, 44 cents to 48 cents a mile and 42 cents to 46 cents a mile, respectively.


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The carrier says it has been recognized by the National Transportation Institute as a Top Pay Certified Carrier and meets three of the NTI’s “critical categories:” top tier pay, benefits and carrier stability, the company says. 

Crete says its benefit package includes health, dental, vision and life insurance. Its typical insurance package costs about $35 a week, the company says. 

“Being a great trucking company starts with having great drivers,” said Crete President and CEO Tonn Ostergard. “And we are willing to pay for that quality and provide a gold standard benefit package that provides for the driver and their family.  This pay raise is not an expense, but an investment in our most valuable asset – our drivers.”

  • Del Ray Johnson

    The price of eggs delivered has gone from .99 cents to appx $1.50 while I happy about this move by Crete our prevailing wages should be around .65CPM the industry will not be satisfied until there is a full shut down by drivers.

  • guest

    Ostergard…having a “great” trucking company starts with having ANY drivers…with all these new Rules…most guys are leaving the industry….you should SELL your companies and retire…..things are going steady DOWNHILL..get a CLUE??

  • guest

    With the unfortunate advent of computers and cell phones etc…young people will just laugh at you if you mention you are a “truck driver”….that ranks right up there with Hod Carrier….or CoalMiner….old timeoccupations from a bygone era……I cant imagine WHERE Ostergard is going to find unfortunate souls to fill his dumb trucks…at ANY price….good luck with that….what a rediculous occupation…..and NOW to add Insult to Misery…his poor ripped off employees will be MONITORED with every conceivable Electronic device that COPS can use to OBSERVE the unfortunate employee..and cheerfully write up CITATIONS the “driver” can PAY for?????? You really HAVE to be Kidding Ostergard……Sell Out today and forget this Lost Cause industry….

  • guest

    The Owners of Gordon sold out……..very wise move…they could see the writing on the walls….trying to BEG drivers to work for Crete and raising payby 2 measely cents every few years… basically ignorant. Gordon could see the light……trucking is basically a Lost Cause today……the Smart Money is leaving in droves……”Experienced Men”like this jackass would LIKE to have in his truck LEFT the industry a Long Time Ago…..good luck having idiot Chump/Robot/Slaves driving your CutBack Monitored Trash down the road……they may pay 44CPM but….the runs are 200 miles just like Gordon…..then of course the slaveboy must wait till tomorrow for another Shorty……just another Scam…

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