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There are a lot of things I don’t like about Texas. I’m not comfortable in the heat, and it’s so freaking huge that a trip across feels like an eternity. I’m scared to death of snakes, and all the rest areas have signs warning for rattlesnakes. It freaks me out every time. That being said, there are a lot of things I absolutely love about Texas.


The Whataburger connection alien abduction? Yes: "Poor George has the implant, and he's unable to fight the urges of the evil radio signals that emit from it, ...

One, of course, is Whataburger. It should be called “WhatAJoyousRapture of MeatandCheese,” because that’s exactly what it is. George is a tried and true WhatABurger fan. He has one in particular we stop at every time we’re in Texas. He has the same affection for it that I have for Krystal (which is another story entirely). Let’s suffice it to say, I know the first exit far enough South on I-75 to get a Krystal burger (or ten), and I mysteriously have to pee every single time we get anywhere close to it.


Reader: Parking enforcement in La Porte, Texas, gets tough

Clark Freight Lines Safety Director (and La Porte police officer) Jeffrey Tippit on city's move to get tough enforcing a no-parking ordinance extending to retail ...

Though there are some local exceptions, Texas also seems to understand that truckers need places to sleep. They have ample rest areas and are very tolerant of parked trucks. I always appreciate that.


Unwanted visitors at a Texas Walmart

Seen at the Walmart in Lancaster, Texas: NO TRUCK PARKING -- VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. And it gets hairier...

Another thing I like about Texas is the fact you can pretty much assume everyone has a gun. You rarely see a sign prohibiting sidearm possession, except for at Walmart, and since I will wither and die before I ever set foot in another Walmart, I don’t see them at all. I find it asinine that companies would not only prohibit legal weapons, but advertise it on their front doors. Why not put a little sign out front that says, “Please come rob us. We have no way to defend ourselves”?

I can’t understand why people think a cardboard sign could possibly contribute to making sure they’re safe from the maniacs who go shoot places up. If anything, don’t you think a maniac intent on killing a bunch of people would most definitely enter a place that prohibits weapons? You don’t see a lot of fruitcakes running into gun stores and opening fire, do you? No you don’t. They go to schools and movie theaters, where they assume they can cause a maximum amount of damage before anyone has a chance to drop them like a rabid animal.

Please Rob MeI grew up in a gun family. The kitchen table at my granny’s house was covered in guns and gun parts every weekend, because my dad, uncles and grandad all chose to exercise their Second Amendment rights to the fullest extent. And guess what? None of them ever once killed a human being. Crazy, right? Quite to the contrary – we were taught safety and respect for the weapons. We were taught how to use them properly and when to use them properly. We were taught to obey the law and that having a deadly weapon is a responsibility as well as a right. No one ever needed a cardboard sign to tell them what to do with their gun.


Navigating gun laws for truckers

The question of carrying a gun for protection is one that comes up often, and there's a lot of murkiness and misinformation regarding actual laws ...

I realize not everyone shares my beliefs about owning a weapon. That’s the beauty of living in a free country. You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to do it. That doesn’t mean you should be able to keep me from doing it. I wouldn’t force you to own a gun; don’t tell me I can’t have mine. And if you happen to be unfortunate enough to ever be in the general vicinity of an armed robbery (God forbid), I certainly hope your little cardboard sign provides you the necessary protection to keep you from bodily harm. I’ll stick with 9 mm, thankyouverymuch.

  • James P. Lamb

    I am with you, Wendy.
    Personally, I don’t like white wine. I like red wine. But I don’t go out of my way and “whine” to white wine lovers about their preference and impose my red wine beliefs on anyone. I’ll have red and they can have white. Cheers and God Bless America.
    btw, I carry a Glock myself. Don’t like Glocks? Then feel free to go have yourself a nice glass of white wine.

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  • James

    And that’s ANOTHER thing to love about you,Wendy. Do you and George take a few minutes once in a while on the road to find a local range and fire a few rounds? Always good to stay in practice-it pays off when you need it to.
    I’ve promised all my non-gun-loving neighbors that if anyone ever breaks into their homes while they’re there,I’ll call the Police for them,but I won’t violate their beliefs by using MY gun to protect them. I’m sure they have a favorite frying pan or baseball bat to defend themselves with. Actually,that’s just sarcasm,because all my neighbors ALSO like guns and are well armed. BTW-We have a VERY low crime rate in our neighborhood;can’t imagine why…

  • MRitter

    3 cheers to Walmert for doing something sensible. I’m actually glad that Wendy isn’t shopping at Walmart. Then I know there is one less gun nut in the store and I’m safer knowing that some wanna be Wild West character won’t be in the store trying to prove their masculinity.

  • Nas

    MRitter you would actually be safer with Wendy in the Wal-Mart. She is a legal carrier. She is not going to rob you or prove anything to anyone with her side arm. If you get robbed at gun point by a criminal who obtained a gun illegally and he decided to shoot you anyways then just say your prayers. Now if you get robbed by a criminal with a fun and Wendy is there she can pull her gun and either (a) the punk will back off and leave or (b) Wendy can shoot him. Either way you are still alive. People who legally own guns don’t go around around trying to prove a point. Criminals who own guns do. You sir are a complete idiot.

  • shadow hauling

    You are an idiot but this is America and you are entitled to your opinion. I for one am more afraid of some idiot brandishing a butcher knife and going after me or someone else than I am of someone using a gun. Have you ever seen what a butcher knife can do on a person ? Probably not or else you would want those banned also ! I personally think baseball bats should be banned after my neighbor accidentally hit his wife in the head and she fell in the river dead. How about banning automobiles, trucks, trains and other modes of transportation ? They kill more people in this country every year than guns ! Don’t infringe on our rights and we will leave yours alone.

  • JJMcClure

    if someone robs a Walmart they can have the workers tell them in Spanish no guns allowed

  • Civvie420

    Freedom of speech guarantees you the right to say what you like.

    It doesn’t guarantee, however, that you will say anything intelligent.

    So because Wally World has a cardboard sign that says no guns, you really think that is going to stop the criminals? You live in a total shell of ignorance.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    I am so sick and tired of you stupid drivers. I have all but stopped even reading your ignorant, nonsense first and foremost common sense Walmart does not want to insure the stupidity of a dumb broke &ss driver with a gun. In this video and there are numerous other search the web 2 guys are standing in line get into a verbal argument, which leads to a physical fight of course self defense now if you shut your big mouth in the beginning this wouldn’t have happen

    Without that cardboard sign Wmart is liable stupid! And when a bystander is hit you ain’t got the money to pay the family. Finally, we should be more concerned about Wmart allowing us to park and broke &ss drivers save money on food when other dumb drivers speed thru the park lot and drop piss bottles in the trash!

  • Del Ray Johnson

    MRitter, I see no evidence that Civvie420 is even a real driver and understands the issues, i.e. safe parking that face our industry. Be safe. . . . .

  • Civvie420

    I see no evidence that you even have a job, or even graduated high school. Be safe…

  • mousekiller

    How does believing in the 2nd amendment make a person a gun nut.? Not all gun owners carry a gun. We just believe in our constitutional rights. But , consider this. If some gun nut does try to kill innocent bystanders in a Wal Mart it wont be a legal gun owner and the Wal Mart security is unarmed too so they cant help you. Just to give you something else to run and hide from. There is no FEDERAL law that prohibits you from carrying a gun in a CMV. It is either company rules or state. NO Federal. Knowing this may just keep you at home Knowing that the driver of the truck you just cut off may be a gun owner.

  • mousekiller

    You are obviously not a gun owner or you would not have asked it it is covered in the CCW classes . Yes it is. That sign will protect only the stupid. It is a feel good pill for the ignorant. NO guns allowed is not making you safer. Quite the opposite. The bad guys know there is not going to be anyone to shoot back so they have a good killing field to take their time and pick their targets. Will you be one. More than likely. Did you know that ALL CCW permits in every state for gun friendly people has requirements as part of the back ground check and finger print search? No you did not I bet.

  • mousekiller

    Shadow ,I agree with you. I think the figure was around 53,000 people killed last year by automobiles in one way or another. I believe there was 13 had cars fall on them as they did something stupid under the car. Oh Well,,, I guess cars are a necessary evil. lol

  • mousekiller

    Fact . I don’t care which Wal Mart you shop in, You are more than likely shopping with a person in the store with a concealed gun. Retired cops , undercover cops, detectives . Private detectives. and persons more concerned with theirs and your safety to really know that sign on the door is not going to save your butt when a whacko with a stolen gun has murder on their mind and your the target..If you would sir ,please wear a sign stating your against the 2nd amendment and are not carrying so we know your not the one we need to concentrate on protecting. Bullets cost money and we don’t wish to waste any.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Wow you are late to this discussion. Your response is exactly why you people are unqualified to carry a weapon! I do not care, nor disagree with the 2nd right. First, Walmart had this problem 2 fools got into a standing in line and as you can bet one guy got shot the guy was a roofer with 6 kids look it up. The question for you is when this shooting happens on a dock and I have personally seen it at the fuel island who is going to pay when an INNOCENT BYSTANDER is hit??? Did they cover that you in training???? Somebody has to pay the insurance has clearly said we are not paying for security that is supposed to be done primarily by police???? Odd the owner of your trucking company simply calls the police they do not carry like all these truckers who feel the need I guarantee you they are going to be fighting and shooting. Next you are incorrect about carrying in a CMV across state lines again they should have taught you that in the class where you are QUALIFIED to carry your card in Tennessee (example) is invalid in NYC, TX, LA, FL, etc it is only valid in the state where issued the NRA is trying to pass a law nationwide you should not that since you are interest. Your bad information relied on by other driver got them arrested during there DOT inspection or coming back thru Canada bet you wouldn’t donate a penny to bail!!!! Finally, even if the NRA does get a nationwide permit you should also know your company can say NO under your contract, in their truck, in your truck leased to them, on their PRIVATE property. You do not know the law for operation of a weapon that is negligent gun owner and your permit should be cancelled !!!!! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.