Official: Cross-border program in trouble

| May 24, 2012

The U.S.-Mexico cross-border trucking pilot program may fail unless more Mexican carriers elect to join, a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration official said on Wednesday, May 23. To date, Mexican trucks have entered the United States only 33 times under the program, according to William Quade, FMCSA’s associate administrator for enforcement and program delivery.

“The agency is extremely concerned about not having sufficient data,” Quade told the agency’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee at its meeting in Alexandria, Va. Without more participation, FMCSA cannot collect adequate data to evaluate Mexican carriers’ safety, resulting in the program’s failure, Quade said.

The pilot program’s rebirth sprung from talks between President Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon that yielded a July 2011 deal. Mexico had imposed billions in tariffs on American imports, citing violations of the North American Free Trade Agreement, after the United States ended the initial pilot program in 2009 under political pressure and protests from the Teamsters and other interests.

Quade told MCSAC that to date, only three Mexican trucking companies have sent a total of three drivers and three trucks across the border, accounting for all of the trips. The largest Mexican trucking firms haven’t applied due to uncertainty over the program and insurance issues, he said.

  • Marty Marsh

    I can think of alot of reasons for this not to work.Money would be the #1 reason,getting a load back into Mexico is probably nonexistent so you are going to charge both ways,and we all know that won’t fly.They are probably not making enough to come over here to begin with,then they have to put up with filing mileage and fuel taxes.
    Then you have threats of bodily harm which I have not heard of any,but when the Teamsters get invovled in anything there is always going to be trouble.Just them protesting at the border was enough to keep the Mexicans out.
    As long as there is a big wage difference I can’t see it ever working.But then what do I know?

  • Bob McNall

    There is a way to get more Mexican trucking into the United States. Lower the threshold of the rules. Then Mexican trucking will flood the states. This will put more people on un-employment. Isn’t this the goal??

  • Gordon A

    Considering that the border crossing ports are usually backed up during the day getting return loads to Mexico should not be a problem. That is a given that the rates will be reduced.
    Now that the FMCSA has issued a statement that not enough carriers have applied to enter will jeopardize the program. This is the first warning the criteria for entry will be reduced and changed so nearly any Mexican carrier will qualify for entry. Had enough change?
    Between Holder and La Hood we are in trouble.

  • willie

    I think it should fail to help jobs here and to stop cutting pay i dont make good pay now

  • Thomas Duncan

    The thing that get’s me about the whole Mexican trucking thing is that it seems to be a distraction from other things.I hear and see so many people driving here from all over the world.It seems my country is losing it’s identity as a sovereign nation.Our resources have been sold from under us and there is an all out attack on anyone who dares to be independant businessman in any small business!It has been an ever downward spiral to the bottom.

  • M S

    Agreed. Just look at So Cal.

  • marty marsh

    Thomas,we let it happen,you can’t get 2 drivers to agree what day it is because mostly of self interest.No one cares about my problems they are only concerned with there own,but what they don’t understand is this is a problem for all of us no matter how good you might have it at the moment.As most of us already know nothing last forever and if we don’t get together a lot more are going to learn this the hard way.
    But I’m a man with a plan. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.