CRST Expedited spending $10 million on upping driver pay

| October 03, 2013

CRSTCRST Expedited (Part of CRST International, No. 18 on CCJ‘s Top 250) has announced it will be increasing its pay for all drivers with a $10 million investment intended to retain existing drivers and attract new ones, the Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based company said. 

CRST Expedited President Cameron Holzer also said the increased pressure from federal regulations — namely, hours of service rules and CSA — affects drivers’ ability to “make a competitive salary,” and the $10 million can mitigate that, Holzer said. 

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“Our drivers are the heart of our organization and need to be compensated for the hard work and dedication they provide,” Holzer said. 

Pay increases will be based on several factors, the carrier says, including tenure, experience and incremental pay for performance. 

The company has also invested $13 million in a new driver training and truck repair facility in Riverside, Calif., and has built a $10 million CDL training academy in Cedar Rapids called the North American Driver Training Academy. 

The company currently has 5,100 employees and 2,700 independent contractors. It operates 4,450 tractors nationwide.

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    I have never read anything GOOD about CRST…every driver tells a NIGHTMARE story of ABUSE at that stinking Hell Hole of a company….they run a CDL MILL and have a 200% annual turnover to make room for new CHUMPS. Im sure they Will have to increase pay. Western Express is advertizing 75CPM for beiginning drivers!!! This just shows MORE lies and Abuse from the mega fleets who are Draconian Hellish Nightmares. They LIE and get SUCKERS interested for awhile…then they quickly head for Home..when they see how Disgusting these ANUS companies are.

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    Its funny..Western Express is advertizing that they pay NEW CDL HOLDERS 75CPM…hurry on down right?
    They are on ALERT STATUS in 2 catagories..UNSAFE DRIVING(near 100%) and Driver Fitness(so many dont even HAVE a License)..They have had Countless Accidents and Citations in Past 30 days…..Have INJURED 7 and KILLED 1.
    Seems like THEY NEED to be investigated and SHUT DOWN before the next Victim is YOU or ME???????

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    These mega fleets are SUCH a Pathetic Joke….Lying, Cheating, Thieving Crooks. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.