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CRST Malone giving $4k owner-operator sign-on bonus

Overdrive Staff | November 05, 2013

CRST Malone Inc., a subsidiary of CRST International Inc., announced plans to quadruple sign-on bonuses for their owner-operator flatbed division. Previously capped at $1,000, the new incentive package boasts a bonus of $4,000 to be allotted over the course of a year.

Its initiative mirrors similar efforts by CRST Expedited, Inc., including the recent announcement of the largest pay increase in its 58-year history. 

  • guest

    Sure they cant find any “sitting ducks” to be targeted by
    over Zealous CSA Cops! Drivers are leaving trucking as Cops go crazy with More and More rules for Chumps to OBEY….the Gov is glad Truckers are leaving so theycan CONTINUE to flood the market with low paid mexicans…who will be even More Obediant.

  • John Smith

    You will never see a dime of it. CRST Malone is a joke. They will find any reason not to give you that money. “…to be allotted over the course of a year.” that should tell you all you need to know about it. The President of Malone is a selfish man who cares nothing for the drivers and all about driving profitability into his greedy company. All the good people that work for him get driven away.

  • rick woodcox

    Instead of badgering the idea. Find what is needed to fix what is said. If the wrong is to fix the idea than say something to fix instead of badgering the try. If truckers don’t try to fix the wrongs than the robotic trucks will take over and once again big business will take away jobs. Drivers start venting what is all wrong and start fixing. And don’t forget to tip the waitress. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.