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Todd Dills and Max Kvidera | March 01, 2011
CSA Online Supplement

Your PSP report should contain from month to month a three-year history of your inspection activity and a five-year history of any crashes you’ve been involved in (the crash data will not address who was at fault — for more on that problem, see “CSA Accountability Problems” on p. 24 of the magazine.

Former owner-operator/current company driver Paul Todorovich, of Mt. Pleasant, S.C., conducted his own trial run through the FOIA process. He and a fellow hauler both put in requests for their PSP crash and inspection information Nov. 9, 2010, receiving replies on the 12th with forms indicated to download to fill out. After a fax back of the forms and subsequent series of email exchanges, the fellow hauler received final word from FMCSA on the 29th, a near three-week turnaround.

Paul Todorovich

Todorovich, however, a week later was still writing back and forth with the wrong agency. He received his response from, not FMCSA, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, due to an apparent filing error, officially on Dec. 10 in a mailed letter.

Todorovich wasn’t worried about what he’d find, though, in the end. “I haven’t had any violations in 30 years,” he says, the situation of many owner-operators and drivers.

But if you’ve had contact with law enforcement in the last five years, a double-check may well be in order, particularly if you’re thinking about changing carriers or are looking for a job. PSP reports are increasingly being used to screen potential hires at carriers around the nation. Access further information about the program in our CSA Driver’s Handbook: http://csadrivershandbook.com.

How to make a Freedom of Information Act request for pre-employment screening data

• Visit http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/foia.

• Make your request in writing and include your name, address, and a telephone number via the mailing address noted on the above web page or via fax at (202) 385-2335 or email at foia@fmcsa.dot.gov.

Be certain to …

1. Specify that you are looking for data contained within the FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program that is linked to your CDL, and include the number and licensing state.

2. Make explicit that you are requesting the information under the Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act. FMCSA officials note that this request, as a matter of technicality, is a Privacy Act request, but it’s handled by the FMCSA FOIA office. Officials also note that the office has seen many such requests since news of PSP information availability via FOIA has been in recent circulation.

Company Offering Driver Scorecards

Todd Dills

A private firm is now offering driver scorecards that reflect Compliance, Safety, Accountability driver ratings.

The company launched its service Jan. 24 via www.roadsideresume.com, says Vigillo President Steven Bryan, offering all drivers in its system access to their own scorecard free of charge. CSA, after field testing for months in certain states, went into effect nationwide in December.

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