CSA system update: New hours violations encoded

| August 12, 2013
Download the updated table of all violations listed by BASIC via this link. For Overdrive's CSA's Data Trail series of in-depth reports on the CSA program, follow this link.

Download the updated table of all violations listed by BASIC/severity weightings via this link. For Overdrive’s CSA’s Data Trail series of in-depth reports on the CSA program, follow this link.

Carriers logging into their profiles to monitor their Safety Measurement System performance under the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program via safer.fmcsa.dot.gov will see two new violations coded and contributing to CSA profiles.

The first codifies violation of the 30-minute break requirement of the new hours of service rule with a 7-point severity weight contributing to the Hours of Service Compliance Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Category.  

For more on enforcement protocols around the new requirements of the hours rule, read this July 23 story. 

The second addition “was added based on industry and law enforcement feedback,” FMCSA says, and is related to alcohol possession. The new included violation, with a severity weighting of 3 contributing to carriers’ Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC measures, enables roadside inspectors to distinguish between alcohol possession and alcohol use. The 3-point weighting is much lower in the SMS than the 5-point use/under-the-influence violation. 

  • safetygirl

    Wow! Not taking a lunch is worse than DUI??

  • Bandit Darvel


  • Bigmarv1

    If that ain’t stupid,I don’t know what is.You get more points for not taking your 30 minute break requirement and only get 3 points for either possession of alcohol or a controlled substance.

  • Doug

    Only in the Socialist Country that is called America


    THAT only goes to show,that it isn’t about safety…..just $$$$$

  • Thomas Duncan

    %&^$%$@#!@%^ I am soooo fed up with this tyranny.I am responsable enough to carry some Crown Royal and when shut down,relax and enjoy a drink w/o being labeled dangerous or a drunk driver!it is so far out of hand,grown men being led around by their ^%^$$%# noses all the time and accepting it!The greatest generation would be disgusted with this crap!

  • Joyce Wall

    This is so stupid– not taking a 3 minute break gets you more points than having alcohol and or a controlled substance???? Come on what educated idiot thought this one up???? I have a suggestion LEAVE the truckers alone and pick on the drunks and druggies that would surley bring in lots of revenue!!!!!

  • Rockwell

    Right you are! The Greatest Generation would have shut the FMCSA down, and Country if need be, long before it got to this! I was trained by that bunch, so sad what has happened to this industry, breaks my heart. 90% of the real truckers are gone, today its just operators, one half step above drones and sheep. Gone is the independent, tough, don’t mess with us attitude.

  • Jimmy

    I’m 68 yrs old. Taken care of myself since 1963 when I was drafted to serve My country.
    I was released from the military and thought My debt was paid for Our freedom. Not complaining about my service to our country,but you would think that at 18 yrs old I was handed an M16 to go kill the enemy.Did very well with my training.
    At 68 I have every so called saftey moron in my country telling me when to sleep,s–t,tie down a load etc. My Company, Heavy hauling specialist has an impeccable record,Excellent Service,0 freight claims etc.
    47 years. I am so tired of DOT threats and harassment, I have 0 respect for the Revenuers of today.
    This will never happen but, leave the truckin to the truckers and put the COPS back where they belong, stopping crime,
    drugs,red light runners,DUI,domestic abuse,the list goes on.

  • RalphMalph

    You didn’t really let them fool you into believing any of the Nazi Tactics were actually Safety Related, did you ?

    What word has more letters than money, but makes money ….. SAFETY ….. notice your wallet has less ever since the CDL was hatched ?

  • RalphMalph

    And that thought friend, deserves a huge … BINGO !

  • RalphMalph

    If you need millions of jobs for your soon-to-be-legal border jumpers (since you promised them a yob), how would you come up with the necessary jobs ….. why, how about we force plenty of American Citizens out of their jobs via created/contrived Violations.

    Didn’t think that far ahead …. that’s what Limbaugh would refer to as a ‘ Low Information Voter ‘.

  • Rockwell

    What are you saying? You want to use your own mind? Make your own choices? Captain your own ship? I’m sorry, this is America, you simply cant do that! If you want it your way, go to Burger King!

  • Rockwell

    You didn’t eat your Ham & Swiss? LOCK EM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY. You have a bit of cocaine in the truck? That’s OK Driver, just a slap on the wrist, move along! HAHAHAHHA

  • Robertt

    Welcome to the trucking industry, American Ends Here.

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    if you happen to skip your thirty minute break but document in your logging device the drinking of Chicken Cock Whiskey while behind the wheel this will help reduce the points score on your next CSA infraction…

  • o/o

    why don’t we all [driver’s] Just go home for a week, let’s see how these people get along with out us Stupid driver’s,—- we must all be stupid for now we need someone that’s never been in a truck tell us driver when we need to take a brake,

  • USMC 69-75

    Makes about as much sense as the left lane restrictions….truck safety my A _ _!

  • USMC 69-75

    A little thing called no backbone……and the me me generation!
    That’s why I’ve gotten away from, IFTA, IRP, Log books, etc.etc, and loving it!

  • Loser

    I’m sorry to say this fellow drivers, but there are too many cowboy truckers out there that think they are Road Rambo’s. I have been driving the big rigs since 1972 and the drivers today are so different. I mean NO-CLASS. Foul language, Extremely rude, Reckless drivers and Smell bad. Years ago there weren’t as many showers available, but now every truck stop has them, but many refuse to use them. I think many of today’s truckers have brought this on themselves.I am ashamed to be called a trucker today and it is not the government doing it, it starts with my fellow truckers. If you think I am being harsh on fellow truckers, listen to the cb or look in the truck stops where the trucks park, What a pig hole. Urine bottles and garbage all over the ground. Most are too lazy to get out of there truck to put it in the garbage. Lord knows they need the exercise. Truckers need to clean there act up then work on the authorities. What happened to clean shirts, nice pants, even shiny cowboy boots. Now most truckers wear dirty old sweat pants, two sizes too big, torn smelly Tshirts and worn out running shoes and no socks. What are we showing the country; yes pigs! Think of the last time you drove up some 4 wheeler,s trunk. That may have been a DOT officer and you wonder why we are picked on. An English book would be nice to carry in the truck, so on your 30 minute break you might consider reading if you don’t want to eat. I know you are waiting for the end of the day to eat a big buffet (4 plates) at the Flying J. Now that’s healthy. Sorry but I’m discusted with this industry.

  • benjaminnapier

    Close DOT now. End the insanity.

  • Kast55

    Dude, you good, but do not overdo it.

    Flying J do not have buffet lunch or dinner anymore, not at Denny’s.

  • safetygirl

    I am afraid the quality of the driver population may have to do with the drop in pay for the job. The decrease in income level is largely due to regulation and rise in costs (which has a lot to do with regulation in other industries). I dont know the independent truckers world well but I see clearly what the regulations are doing to small companies. The five am start time combined with the 30 minute break forces a terminal of say 30 drivers to hire another driver or two just to fill the gap and takes several hours to a days wage off of the weekly income of current drivers. That just to do the same amount of delivery which of course is not going to pay any more than it did before the change. I can just imagine what the initial hours of service changes did to the guys with shiny cowboy boots. They probably cant afford leather anymore. What is really disturbing about the FMCSR monetary hits to the industry is the fact that a hard working intelligent man or woman looking for a decent career will not choose commercial driving and if they do, they soon leave it for something else. We see fewer and fewer decent driver applications. Those who are already in the industry are usually the best. Most new drivers don’t have or use tools, lift the hood, check their brakes, or have any idea if they have an expired permit until a DOT officer asks to see it. Older drivers can get their own truck home if something goes awry on the road, even if it is not in the job description and they don’t need the DOT officer to keep them checking the condition of their brakes since they understand the braking system on their equipment and how important it is. It appears that you get what you pay for when it comes to truck drivers. I would say that now the officers and polititians are wearing the shiny boots but I hate to denegrate all of the officers. I think they have been done a disservice too. They are given huge volumes of everchanging regulations to enforce that dont have to do with safety and are often vague or qualified and unclear. I can imagine that a young idealistic man taking an enforcement job to serve and protect might become a little bitter by the time we meet him at the scale ten years in.

  • safetygirl

    If we can allow livestock carriers to skip sitting for 30 minutes so the cows dont get too hot, what about drivers in a hot climate? What the…?? And if we can absolve a livestock driver of the sin of skipping lunch how can the act of skipping that 30 minutes off duty be so bad as to warrant a 7 on the rictor scale? Shouldn’t the scale reflect the significance to safety? At least in some manipulation of theory?

  • safetygirl

    Actually, according to their rules I think you can carry your after hours beverages in a compartment outside the cab without violating the fmcsr but I would not count on a DOT officer to know that.

  • haller

    DO NOT oppose them, say nothing, suggest nothing, NO ATA or OOIDA, involvement what so ever. Just let it go down the drain. Let those smart people who don’t know what there doing put us in a great position to take over when the time is right, and that would be very soon…
    ‘sneaky pete’

  • Mike Smith

    This is truly an appropriate response to this article & the CS fools who created the 1/2 hr rule. Every time they add a rule I will increase my rates to cover the time & costs. I recall hearing on Landline Now, that the rule makers are attacking the truck driving population because they can get away with it do the fact we do not have enough voting power. Civil disobedience is really in order on this rule to be heard, because they sure can’t hear us, or OOIDA or any trucking groups.

  • Cali girl and lovin it

    Yeah well, my husband is not one of your so-called “pig” truckers. He works hard, owns his own business, and stays clean as best he can. At $10.00 a shower, that’s roughly $50-$60 a week. And no, he doesn’t qualify for the “free” showers at the Petro or Flying Jackass. He buys his fuel at the cheaper places, and pays cash too. Truck stops are there to rip off the truck drivers. Yes, you are right about some truckers out there. But guess what. I heard just the other day doctors are giving up their practices and becoming the very thing you abhor. Yeah, it’s sad. But, at least they are working and not sponging off society like that surfer in La Jolla CA I saw interviewed on Fox News the other night. Healthy-able bodied male collecting welfare and food stamps! I would worry more about the illegal truck drivers out there who can’t speak English and can’t read a sign and probably carries no insurance and has an illegal license.

  • cali girl and lovin it

    My husband has that tough don’t mess with me attitude and all it ever gets him is a ticket, then we have to pay a lawyer to go fight that ticket so it stays off our record.

  • Brad

    I understand what you are saying about the pay. We are definitely underpaid, hands down! With better pay we may attract who; retired or fired factory workers who don’t know a thing about a truck, I agree totally about the wages, but I think you got off the topic about the foul language and hygiene Do you think a raise in pay with clean their act up and buy decent clothes; I think not..Many truckers young and old have become slobs. I teach air brakes and many older as well as new truckers say it isn’t their job to check brakes. “it’s the mechanics job”. Now that’s professional. I can’t imagine driving 80,000 lbs down the road not knowing if I have brakes. Faulty brakes don’t show up until you need them most, like maybe from wiping out a family on the road. Why are DOT checking brakes? Simply because most drivers don’t or will not check them. You can’t expect a mechanic to ride with you ever day to check your equipment. Lets face it many truckers are just to lazy and uneducated to care. Like I said slobs. To the good drivers reading this I say hats off to you and please don’t fall into that disgusting way of thinking. I am a proud trucker and I do love driving and teaching. It is a nice career, but who do we listen to 90% of the time; other truckers. Now that will get you nowhere. Filth breeds filth. Don’t get caught up in it.

  • No Reform

    You can pull into the inspection bay drinking a BEER..and get 5 points. You get 7 points for the dumb sandwhich break rule violation??

  • c.w.

    i guess we get less pts. if we have a beer for lunch

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