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Cummins announces new technology focus and vehicle telematics system

| March 26, 2014


If you hold press credentials for the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, KY, then the traditional kickoff event for the show is always a dinner hosted by Cummins the evening before press days begin.

This year, Cummins used the opportunity to showcase several new products targeting fuel economy and fleet efficiency enhancements.

According to Jennifer Rumsey, Vice President of Cummins’ heavy-duty, mid-range engine businesses, for the past several years, Cummins has been focused on meeting sequenced Federal emissions regulations. But now that focus has changed.

Going forward, she says, the company will now be targeting customer value in its research and development efforts, with an emphasis on fuel economy and total cost of vehicle ownership. These efforts will largely manifest themselves through several key vehicle systems, including:

  • alternative fuels
  • Connected systems (vehicle telematics)
  • Combustion and fuel system handling
  • EGR and aftertreatment systems
  • Electronic engine controls
  • Waste heat recovery systems
  • Automated transmission integration
  • Duty cycle management for fuel efficiency
  • Engine down-speeding with optimized gear step ratios
  • Acceleration management with intelligent shift scheduling
  • Intelligent vehicle speed control
  • And driver prompts and coaching systems

“Cummins has the best technology in the industry today in terms of key vehicle subsystems and the ability to integrate them better than anyone in history,” Rumsey said.

Specific MATS announcements from Cummins included new optimized ratings for its 15-liter ISX15 engines to meet customer needs and provide leading fuel efficiency in a variety of applications. Designed with fuel economy as a priority, the ISX15 is available with ratings of 400 hp to 450 hp, which deliver peak torque at 1000 rpm. All ratings can be uniquely tailored with electronic features like Load-Based Speed Control (LBSC), Gear-Down Protection (GDP) and Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM) to maximize fuel economy and reduce overall operating costs.

Cummins also announced the introduction of the new ISX15 560 hp rating, providing customers with the ability to further maximize productivity in their operations. Ideally suited for customers operating with heavy loads or on routes with steep grades, where pulling power and effective engine braking are critical, the ISX15 rating with 560-hp and 1850 lb-ft of peak torque provides excellent prolonged low-end torque, delivering peak power sooner and over a wider rpm range.

One of the bigger news items of the night from Cummins was the introduction of its Connected Diagnostics system, a new application being designed to work seamlessly with leading telematics systems. Cummins Connected Diagnostics will provide customers with expert recommendations for the best action to take when a driver is alerted to an engine system fault. Connected Diagnostics is the first of several telematics-assisted applications that Cummins is developing.

“Cummins is excited to announce Connected Diagnostics as part of its larger initiative to integrate our engine expertise with existing telematics,” said Jeff Jones, Vice President, North American Engine Business. “Within moments of a fault code being presented, Cummins will be able to analyze fault information, identify the most likely root cause and provide a recommended action for the customer. In conjunction with the breadth and capability of the Cummins-authorized service network, our ability to understand issues immediately allows us to provide the right level of support at the right time for our customers.”

Cummins Connected Diagnostics will be available in limited production later in 2014, with full production release planned for 2015.

  • Mark French

    Why doesn’t Cummins work on fixing their reliability problems before they work on a system for the truck to send a problem to the cummins shop, that they will not be able to fix anyways!!! Oh yeah that’s right I just had a shop tell me Cummins doesn’t have any reliability issues!

  • myron taylor

    or they tell you that this is the first time they have seen your problem

  • Mike Smith

    And what about Cummings failure to solve engine problems rather than throw parts at them; forcing trucks to come back again and again. This is the new MODEL for Cummings; We don’t care because you have to come back and we just sell you more parts and charge you shop rates. Another of the great American jokes, and the laugh on us and is at us.

  • jojo

    My 2013 KW has this crap. It gives me a 3 digit code nobody can tell me what it is. The truck has to go to the shop and get plugged in so they can get the 4 digit code as they then know what the, SUPPOSED, issue is.
    This is the same unproven computer crap that is going to rule our lives and possibly cost us our livelihoods in the form of an ELD.
    Better keep calling your legislators as I’m sure that they can relate to computers Crashing!

  • Mike Smith

    What we need is an engine that does break down, like all the new engines do. So much for modern day technology.

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