Daimler seeking CDL exemption for global trucks division head, citing German CDL

| July 02, 2014

BernhardDaimler Trucks North America has filed an application of exemption with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration asking it to waive the requirement that Daimler Trucks’ global head Wolfgang Bernhard be required to obtain a U.S. commercial driver’s license to test drive the company’s trucks in the U.S.

Bernhard holds a German CDL, Daimler says in its application, and will be test driving Daimler trucks in the U.S. to “support Daimler field tests designed to meet future vehicle safety and environmental requirements and to promote technological advancements in vehicle safety systems and emissions reductions,” according to FMCSA’s application notice.

FMCSA granted a similar exemption to the company in May 2012 for two of its test drivers. Both had valid German CDLs, and the agency says it determined the process for obtaining a CDL in Germany is “as effective as” the U.S. process and requirements.

Daimler has requested a two-year exemption for Bernhard and says that a U.S. CDL holder will accompany him on all trips.

Per the application, “Bernhard will typically drive for no more than 6 hours per day for two consecutive days, and that 10 percent of the test driving will be on two-lane state highways, while 90 percent will be on interstate highways.” He’ll run about 400 miles in a two-day period about once per quarter, Dailmer adds.

FMCSA is accepting public comment on the application until Aug. 1: Click here to submit a comment.

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  • Indie Trucker

    I want an exemption to drive a commercial vehicle in Europe then. Fair is far.

  • notLOL

    Oh yeah, Indie Trucker. And DAIMLER is testing Driverless Trucks Europe (? Germany? Right?) & alleging Driverless Truck won’t come to USA til maybe (maybe= 25% probability) the year 2025.
    And couple days ago noticed RoboAstronaut noted to hav “application in medical/surg & mfg” & ?trucking? So, why so many Germans exempted from CDL USA? What are these folks working on? ? Why reluctance for proper transparency? Yesterday’s Overdrive article cited advisories that Driverless Truck feature beneficial to & upgrades technical aspect of Truckers job & removes stress associated with dense urban traffic & boring open road where nothing going on for miles & miles. hmmm..
    Article suggested trucker would be like airline pilot. Umm, gee whiz, correct me if am wrong, but aren’t there usually 2 pilots flying airliner & only 1 gets to exit controls area at a time. That being said, then Driverless Truck could only be driven by a ‘TEAM’. Sound like something Swifft would back sinc historically cut schoolhouse period allegedly & after Driver Trainer period, they require their drivers to drive TEAM for 4 weeks & mostly allegedly use those two sets West Coast where fuel/repair/etc costs highest in nation on average.
    Foreigners snaking the wheelhouse, the border & just heard on news that 3rd instance since Dec 2013 in Mexico of TEST OF DIRTYBOOMMBB materials. Holy sheeet!

  • notLOL

    Typo/auto speller: ‘test’ should say ‘THEFT’.

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