Daimler Trucks cutting up to 1,300 jobs

| February 01, 2013

In a move that could leave 1,300 North American factory workers out of a job, Daimler Trucks North America — Freightliner and Western Star parent company — confirmed today reports from this week that the company has notified workers of potential layoffs.

Daimler spokesman Dave Giroux said this morning that the company has not released a timeline or information on which plants may be targeted for cuts, but a Daimler statement says that layoffs will be the last option the company uses as a profit-boosting measure.

Reports this week said the cuts will likely come in North Carolina and Oregon, and data from the North Carolina Department of Commerce corroborates. The Portland Business Journal has reported that layoffs could come at a Portland facility, but the state has not reported any data provided from unions.

For more on the story, see Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s coverage.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Hayward/761089322 Mark Hayward

    Thanks Obama Thanks EPA

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  • http://www.facebook.com/thumper.pruitt Thumper Pruitt

    Biggest question isn’t so much about the job closures, especially if demand has declined to a point necessitating this. However, big question is are they going to assist those layed off in getting rehired elsewhere? If so, then this is good, if not, big question is why do they need to lay the people off?

  • chris lowe

    Under Obama, well…..back to the cave man days

  • martymarsh

    There are to many sides to a story like this, and greed is the number one problem. We all know that Corporate America is greedy, that shows by the big pay they get. But on the bottom, people are just as greedy and unions prove this every day. As an exteamster I seen things that would make you sick. When ever it would get slow the people on top would ask for a layoff and if the company hired anyone while it was slow, the same people that asked for a layoff would confront the guy that got hired and ask him what was doing there, like it’s his fault. If anyone of them cared about anyone but themselves they could all take a small pay cut so there wouldn’t have to be a layoff, or they could give up a day a week so the rest could work. The possibilties are endless, but because all we care about is ourselves nothing like this will happen. This is the biggest problem with this country, hurray for me and the hell with you. These people ARE their own worst enemy and they are getting exactly as they deserve. On top of that they get to pay protection money to be treated like that.

  • localnet

    Rehired where? Over 8.5 million jobs in this nation have gone POOF in the past four years. Oh, and it is all Bush’s fault… Right…

  • localnet

    Ain’t got a clue what you are talking about… The economy is in the sh-tter, and it is just going to get worse. Our country is now in official negative growth, we are not just losing jobs, but entire industries are actually contracting, many businesses are gone for good. Obama’s own numbers indicate that since his election, 8.5 million jobs no longer exist, they are gone for good, doors closed, bankrupt, kaput, and the pace is accelerating. This has nothing to do with greed, this is now about SURVIVAL.

  • localnet

    Amen, have any of you priced a new truck lately? Heck, I could have bought two new trucks ten years ago for what they are now asking for one. And as far as Freightliner goes, their quality is not there. We have four of their 2012 day cabs. Three are always down, we get one fixed, the working one breaks, back to three in the shop. I have never seen so many buggy new trucks in my 23 years of driving and owning trucks and equipment. I would not be running out to buy a new Freightliner anytime soon.

  • martymarsh

    Yes the economy is in the shitter, and unless you think the world is going to end Freightliner will still keep building trucks. In other words the union could have solved their own problem but wouldn’t do that because of greed. It’s all right there in english.

  • localnet

    If this were a hundred or fewer jobs I could see the employees being proactive, my wife’s non union company has done this more than a few times in the past four years. But, when you start getting into the thousands, those jobs are toast. And it is not about “greed”, you would know this if you had any understanding regarding the way a business, and or an economy functions.

  • martymarsh

    Yes please put any kind of spin on it you like, if it is not about greed then why are they cutting jobs, certainly not because they are doing so bad that they are ready to go out of business. When the numbers start looking bad what is the first thing to go, people because they are cutting in to the profit for the big boys. Why is that when a company is doing just ok in bad times that is never good enough that everyone is just getting paid. Time to let people go, that is greed. It’s always about greed. Also 1300 jobs to Daimler is a drop in the bucket and means nothing to them, they are just trying to get someones attention.

  • localnet

    Spin? Boy, sounds like you have Daimler nailed, the big “greedy” corporation and all of that… So, how many people do YOU currently employ?

  • martymarsh

    Oh so you have to run a big company to know what your talking, and what big company would you be running?

  • localnet

    Do you have any idea of the cost of a new truck? Do you even have a clue in regards to all of the new regulations, from HHS, ADA, EPA, IRS, the list goes on and on… And then 2700 pages of Obamacare that has “shall be determined” in nearly every other paragraph in regards to new taxation and fees. And then we have the economy, our GDP is contracting, we currently have “negative” growth. We have not seen that since the days of FDR and his insane economic policies. And then we have the fact that 8.5 million jobs have been destroyed for good in the past four years. I can only guess as to how many closed businesses that translates to, maybe three million to five million? Real unemployment, if we were calculating it the way we did during Reagan, stands at a staggering 22%.

    You don’t need to run a business to see what is happening over there at Freightliner, this is not greed, this is survival. Take a look at International Trucks, they are teetering on bankruptcy right now, along with God only knows how many other companies we will never hear of.

    And yes I have owned a small trucking company. We had 6 trucks and five specialized trailers. Two Conestoga flatbeds, one blanket wrap trailer and two dry vans under my own authority. We carried three million in cargo insurance and primarily hauled for Ford, GM, Chrysler, and occasionally for Toyota and Mercedes.

    Put it this way, I know a thing or two about “economic downturns” and the perils of being an employer in one of the most outrageously over regulated and over taxed countries on the planet. I have been in trucking for over 23 years, took time off to open a restaurant which we sold for a “profit”.

    Currently I am working in Montana and North Dakota in the oil field, going on my third year here. Me and my working partner are starting a trucking company, as we see allot of potential/opportunity up here for at least the next few years. And yes, I think I’m nuts to even attempt it, must be something in my DNA.

  • martymarsh

    Well the only reason I can see you succeeding this time is the shortage of everything up there, but it will end up like here in PA where all the major companies have jumped in to the sand and water hauling. You know what happens when that happens, the little guy goes bye bye. The JB Hunts of this world are not going to force you out over greed they are going to do it because it is just good business sense. You do know that Mrs Hunt is a billionair? You do know that the Waltons from wal-mart are billionairs while they pay their employees just above minimum wage, no that’s not greed. If one of these big companies come along and see what you have, you won’t have it long. I’ve been a truck driver for 39 years and I have seen big corporation as well as unions rape the people over 5 cents, but that’s not greed.
    Like I said, watch freightliner, something is going to happen.

  • localnet


    It sounds like you have been drinking the left wing America hating kool aid that MSLSD and your dear leader like to spoon feed you all on a daily basis. I could care less how much monies Mrs. Hunt or Walton have, why is it an issue for you? Their husbands, hold still Marty, EARNED it. I know now a days you are all told they stole all of their money from the poor. How in the hell you do that, I am still trying to figure out.

    Did Sam Walton or J.B. hold a gun to anyone’s head to force them to work for them? I don’t recall hearing about any such nonsense at either of these companies. Heck, every time a Walmart opens they get thousands of applications for these, gulp, “jobs”. If it is beneath you to work for these outfits, don’t apply! As far as your envy, maybe you should speak with someone about that, because it surely is not healthy emotionally or financially. Me, I would love to be able to bust my tail end to be able to leave my wife and family with billions of dollars. Nothing wrong with that!

    As far as your issue with “greed”, take a few minutes and follow the link I put below. If it does not show, google “Milton Friedman and greed”. It was a great interview on the old Phil Donahue show. Watch it if you dare, it’s around 2.5 minutes long, and it won’t kill you or turn you into a right wing loon, promise. May just get a few of your brain cells firing.


  • C Brown

    I know what we can do teach all the Freightliner laid off employees how to drive a truck since we has such a drivers shortage they will have to take a pay cut.

  • martymarsh

    Actuall you are proving my point about greed,and as far as my politics, I’m in the middle because there are to many liars and both sides. I like that comment about wal-mart getting thousands of applications, I guess you don’t know that they are the only jobs left. Yes 9 bucks an hour form billionaires, that have so much money they will never actually spend it all and the very people that work for them have to get food stamps. But the plus side to that, is you get to help feed them. So if I where you I would write the Waltons a letter thanking them for letting you do your part.
    JB Hunt cut rates so bad that he actually put alot of companies out of business. I believe you said you owned 6 trucks, and you never came across people cutting your rates or having to deal with brokers that would cut rates or even not pay you at all.
    I will give you a perfect example of what is going on up where you are now. When people started transporting garbage across state lines, their was serious money in it and no body wanted to do it until they heard what these people where making, then everyone went out and bought garbage trailers and now just like with what JB did they are all just surviving. Of course JB did it with volume.
    But here is the big surprise, you may have found a gold mine for the moment but that to will end. Simply because of the wal-mart type jobs that are left. If any of the big trucking companies experience a severe slow down, where do you suppose those trucks are going to go? Guess what, just like JB they can do it cheaper than you, and that is exactly how they get in the door, but of course you know that. I have heard of drivers up there making 25 and 30 bucks an hour, what do you suppose they will be making if someone like JB comes in there? The same system that you admire will keep you from becoming another JB unless you can do it fast. But when your sitting there with 10 or 20 truck payments and someone like US EXpress comes up there and tells these people I can give you 500 trucks tomorrow, where will you be then. It’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when. Of course I’m sure everyone up there thinks they are doing a specialty job that no one else can do, I have always loved that one. When US Exprees brings those 500 trucks in, the people that hire won’t care if their drivers are qualified to do the job because the responsibilties including insurance is now on the trucking company. The CR Englands and CRST of this world prove, anyone can drive a truck and anyone can haul anything. Now there is one I’m surprised you haven’t seen already taking work away, CRST, when they get in there you will be working for lunch money.
    You deffinitly have a billionaire mind but the billionaires will keep you from getting there. So bow down.

  • localnet

    Marty, your proving MY point, you are economically illiterate, cannot tell the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism along with having know clue how a business operates and or what it’s true function is.

    Businesses do not exist for your pleasure or to provide jobs. They exist… My God, this elementary school stuff. If you haven’t the intelligence to understand this very basic American principal there is no hope for you.

    You go ahead and blame whoever for your shortcomings, myself I will carry on, as I have no desire to live in your defeatist world. Enjoy your kool aid…

    Oh, be careful with your middle of the road attitude, as that is a good place to get run over. Stand for something Marty, grow a pair, get some original thoughts, as your talking points are stale, layoff the MSLSD.

    And yes, the vast majority of politicians should be swinging from a rope, you did get that right.

  • martymarsh

    LMAO, a defeatist world, is that the same as living in the real world? It is obvious you take up for the rich guys and I take up for the poor guys. But just like me taking up for the poor won’t make me poor, you taking up for the rich won’t make you rich. Let me know when you buy your first dozen trucks so I can come up there and drive for you and watch you beat your head against the wall. But I do with you luck.

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