Diesel reaches highest price point since 2008

| February 26, 2013

diesel-fuelSince diesel prices began their ascent in the middle of January, the national average diesel price has shot up 26 cents to $4.159 a gallon, marking the highest national average since Aug. 18, 2008, when diesel averaged $4.207 the previous week.

That year’s peak was at $4.764, coming during the week ended July 14, 2008.

Between Aug. 18, 2008, and this week, the national average price has flirted with the $4.15 mark, reaching that point exactly in October 2012. It didn’t breach it, though, until last week.

The good news, however, is that the climb seems to have slowed, as diesel rose just two-hundredths of a cent for the week ended Feb. 25 from the previous week, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration.

Regionally, the Rocky Mountain Region had the nation’s cheapest average, $4.057, while California had the most expensive, $4.365.

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  • Rodney

    Fuel in NY is 4.489 so we even pay more than California

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  • Barry

    Still $3.85 down the street for me in Knoxville,Tn. too bad I have to run to Atlanta where it’s $4.25 credit price inside the loop.

  • Botts

    So who is getting the fuel-surcharge were not seeing it. Quotes all week from brokers for loads over the mid-west are avg. maybe $140, at 5.5mpg is .75 cent a mile for fuel, when will they stop bleeding us dry.

  • localnet

    This isn’t anything, look for $5 plus in the near future, say June… At the rate the dollar is being devalued, many think $8 a gallon will be reality within the year. Then we have the possibility of more of our domestic production being curtailed, look at what Obama has done to the Gulf of Mexico production.

    I’m up here in the North Dakota oil field where we are breaking all sorts of production records. But, we can only rail this stuff out, which takes time, and lots of money. We could really use that XL Keystone pipeline right now… But I’m not holding my breath.

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