| January 03, 2006

At least one agency at the U.S. Department of Transportation agrees. Cook has a federal commercial pilot’s license he obtained after he was disqualified from driving a truck. He was tested by the Federal Aviation Administration, and that agency signed off on his license. Technically, Cook could become a commercial pilot flying hundreds of passengers on a 747 jumbo jet – and he wouldn’t need a prosthetic. But he can’t operate a truck without one.

“The difference in the level of skill between a commercial pilot and a commercial truck driver is like the difference between a heart surgeon and a dental hygienist,” Cook says.

Such ironies in FMCSA’s policy decisions abound. When FMCSA denied Terry Clawson his CDL because he was on anti-seizure medication, the agency said doctors must think Clawson was a danger if they kept him on the medication.

“Mr. Clawson

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