Division over minimum hourly pay

| February 26, 2014

Min wage pollWith President Obama advocating for a $10.10/hour federal minimum wage and some states having raised the minimum wage as high as $15 – Washington, namely – Overdrive readers showed fairly even division on the issue.

While interstate employee drivers – to say nothing of owner-operators – wouldn’t benefit directly from a minimum wage hike, readers voting Yes to a hike showed support on account of the indirect effects on the trucking business. Rock-bottom wages = less consumer spending = less freight on the hook. “If people are in survival mode,” noted Jeff K. Jones, commenting on Overdrive’s Facebook page, “they can’t spend to help the overall economy.”

In the more pointed words of a company owner commenting under the above poll at OverdriveOnline.com: “I’ve built my company from the ground up and have people working for me. I would be ashamed to pay anyone $7.25 an hour!”


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Hardliners against a wage hike generally were more vocal. A hauler commenting under the same poll disputed the notion that a hike would show an economic benefit.

“Raising the minimum wage will do nothing but raise the cost of goods, which will mean [those with that extra wage] won’t be any better off. Companies are only going to pass on the increased cost of doing business to consumers. The only entity that will profit will be the government, through additional taxes.”

  • jojo

    Due to the technology used today to track and monitor the Co Drivers it is impossible for them to run the miles that they once did. Inability to run miles = lower income.
    Rule of thumb has always been 1 day off per 1 week out (AT work). Many co’s require 2 or more weeks out before taking home time.
    With new Drivers being paid as low as .25cpm they soon realize that they’ve been lied to and many leave our industry ASAP.
    If the new Drivers were paid todays Federal Minimum Wage FLAT for all 168hrs of the week that would be $1,218.00 or $174.00 a day.
    Build upwards off of the minimum wage for experience, add equipment pay, add hazmat and subtract violations on the Drivers MVR and you have a formula that will work with all aspects of the trucking industry.
    The gov and the Mega companies are going to make all this new technology work for them yet the Drivers do nothing and will soon find their pants down around their ankles once again!
    I don’t believe the countries financial problems have been caused by the low paid Workers of America. Record unemployment during a time of record corporate Profits, well, I’m just a Driver!

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