Dollars & Sense

By Kevin Rutherford

Dollars and Sense: Call a Business Meeting

By Kevin Rutherford | November 01, 2009


 • Write down your odometer miles at the fill-up and the number of gallons purchased. Do this every time you fill up.


• Divide number of gallons bought for fill-up by number of miles run since the prior fill-up to get miles per gallon.


You should also make notes in your records for each tank, such as weight of load, average speed, weather conditions, terrain, etc. As you relate these factors to mpg fluctuations, it will teach you how driving habits and conditions affect your mileage.


Odometer at second fill-up 435,376


Odometer at first fill-up – 434,532



Miles run 844 Gallons at second fill-up 140 MILES PER 844 / 140 GALLON = 6.029 strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.