Don't govern speed — educate

| January 01, 2007

They can quit going to so-called experts in the studies of why there is 100-plus turnover rates in the industry. The answer is simple – money. It doesn’t matter how much schooling you have but how much you will pay for us to lose out on life (social and health). If it wasn’t for our economy outsourcing all of our good manufacturing jobs, I wouldn’t be out here. I made just as much money working a full-time and a part-time job as I did as a company driver.

Not only that but I was at home with a social life every night and in good shape and health. Every time I read your magazine, I see articles of how the industry wants to change things in the name of safety but only make it worse for the drivers. What is offered out on the road to a single driver? Not much unless you are into alternative lifestyles. What is offered out here to a married driver? A distant/downhill relationship with little hometime because of small pay.

Thanks to the industry leaders lowering our wages, the only kinds of people you see around a truckstop is the homeless, prostitutes and police. Money could change everything.
Shawn Friesland
Lenoir, N.C.

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