DOT giving $1 million to train veterans for trucking, driving jobs

| July 03, 2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has allotted $1 million in grant money to help train veterans for jobs in the transportation industry, it announced July 3, and specifically to become truck drivers, says U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx.

“The transportation industry provides a unique opportunity for military families and veterans to utilize skills they developed in the service, and we hope these grants will lead to more veterans joining the ranks of our country’s commercial vehicle drivers,” Foxx said.

The money will go to six colleges across the country as part of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Training grant program.

Trucking is a “high-demand job,” says FMCSA, citing the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and more than 300,000 jobs in the industry will open up by 2020, says BLS.

FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro says the money will be used for things like allowing states to consider military experience in commercial licensing tests and providing opportunities for industry job fairs, and that about 300 veterans could be trained for driving careers — about $3,300 per.

In 2011, the agency finalized a rule that gave states the authority to waive the skills test portion of the CDL test if an applicant showed two years of safe driving in the military equivalent of a commercial motor vehicle.

Here’s a list of where the grant money is going:

  • Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen, Wash., $131,041
  • Long Beach Community College District, in Long Beach, Calif., $211,733
  • Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College in Orangeburg, S.C., $150,000
  • Lone Star College in Woodlands, Texas, $184,260
  • Century College in White Bear Lake, Minn., $120,000
  • Joliet Junior College in Joliet, Ill., $176,427
  • No Reform

    Seems like a young man should go into a career with a future, not this crap. Trucking is fast becoming the job of choice for an uneducated mexican..and various immigrunts…really not suitable for a man wanting to get somewhere in life..if ya want to “see the country” rent a motor home and be done with it…get an education or training in something REALITIC. No future in this ignorant job. go to any truckstops and look at the Kooks that are calling themselves “truckers’..they look like homeless bums and Illegal Aliens..go look for yourself. Its hilarious.

  • No Reform

    You will NEVER find one of these advertizing executives telling THEIR sons to become a “truck driver”. NOPE they only want SUCKERS to sign up for an ignorant job like this.
    It is an Old Time industry and WAS suitable in the 50’s…but certainly a laughable job TODAY..get in the REAL WORLD and dont be sucked into something ignorant like this.

  • Todd Dills

    You really need a break, sounds like. I realize it must feel really good to you to put down other folks as much as you do it, but you need to take that stuff somewhere else. I know I’ve said it before to you and you probably just choose to ignore it, but take it to heart.

  • martymarsh

    Wow, I can’t believe how these people lie, well maybe they didn’t lie but they painted a pretty picture. Sure truck drivers are in high demand, that is because no one will pay them. Vets fought for this country and then you are going to treat them like garbage, you people should eat jit and die.

  • martymarsh

    Mr Dills, I know you write for Overdrive, but how many years have you done behind the wheel of a truck? Well I have done 39 and I agree with No Reform, so what you are saying is we are welcome to post here just as long as it isn’t the truth?

  • Barry Bones

    What should be done is RECIND ALL LICENSES of NAFTA illegals, opening up hundreds of thousand of jobs that would have been open for LEGAL AMERICANS to begin with.

  • mwt

    they served their country the military treats them better than the dot and trucking will

  • Red Light Bandit

    Been driving for a long time as well (almost 40 years). Seen drivers “paid” in every imaginable way – except by the hour, with very very few exceptions. The basic rule of thumb was, and usually has been: if the wheels aren’t turning, you aren’t making money (regardless of the hours involved). Then the ABUSES (both verbal and physical) at shippers, receivers, and ever carriers/brokers. Schemes to short change and flat rip off drivers or OO’s are not hard to find.

    Then – the wonderful DOT goes out of their way to ensure that motor vehicle operators “have a nice day”.

    Red Light Bandit (1975)

  • martymarsh

    Now that is a fact, the one I always loved was percentage, some how 28% of 0 is still 0. This is an ugly ugly industry.

  • Todd Dills

    Marty, I hear No Reform on his points in some cases, I just wish he would back off with including in those points all manner of name-calling putdowns to big groups of people on here, using on occasion borderline (as here) and not-so-borderline racist language and such. It doesn’t help his points, and this is a public forum available for all the world to see — we’ve had several complaints about the ugliness from other readers, and it doesn’t help the argument he wants to make (in every case, I can always look at whatever he’s saying and quickliy think of a different way of saying the same thing without shouting down every member of a group of people with a nasty term). I’ve complained to him personally about it and we’ve gone back and forth about it in past and very little changes — felt like I had to step in and say something again here. We want commentary, we want ideas, but man, knocking down a group of folks with ugly language is just beyond the pale. So no, I’m not saying you’re welcome to post as long as it’s not the truth, I’m saying let’s get the truth out there in a way that will help convince others, without the nasty language and name-calling — again, which for many people out there only says, “hey, there goes another jerk — I don’t have to listen to him.” That’s not what I take from such comments all the time, but I am 100 percent certain that many, many people do. As for me and trucking, I haven’t done any years behind the wheel, admittedly, but I’ve spent most of time with Overdrive (approaching a decade) with a no. 1 priority of keeping what I do about drivers and owner-operators, heavily in conversation with all of you guys. Maybe we should talk sometime about this on the phone — here’s my number, call any time: 205-907-2481.

  • martymarsh

    Todd, I do agree with you that folks should watch what they say and how they say it, but you also have to realize that if you spent 5 minutes in this industry that it is enough to piss anyone off. The lying stealing and corruption just never ends, and as you know there are not many laws that protect us from anything. Don’t you think it is convient that we are under a different set of labor laws? Like I said, there is plenty to be pissed off about.

  • Steve Bell

    What a perfect ripoff…Of the Taxpayers…the Vets and a windfall of
    cheap sup-minimum wage help to be exploited by the trucking companies…

  • EF McHenry

    To Todd:
    I have decided not to take sides on the contentious parts of everyones comments here today! And as a consequence I voted up No Reform, martymarsh, and you too Todd Dills on all substantive parts of everyones comments concerned!
    However to anyone who cares I personally would like nothing more than powerful debate and exchange on these most important matters in the industry of trucking today!!
    So to all parties concerned Have A Good Day and A Wonderful Weekend!

  • EF McHenry

    Hmmm no comment on this one. Goodday strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.