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DOT shuts down operator after multiple violations

| February 20, 2013

California trucker Nebyou Brook has been ordered by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to cease operation after he was found in “egregious” violation of safety and traffic laws while operating a truck, including possession and consumption of alcohol and controlled substances while driving.

Brook also was in violation of hours-of-service rules.

He had been investigated over the course of a year during four roadside inspections. He was a driver for Purpose Driven Strategies of Apple Valley, Minn., and was ordered to cease driving Feb. 5.

“A CMV driver’s blatant disregard for public safety will not be tolerated,” said FMCSA Administrator Anne S. Ferro. “Our agency is committed to raising the bar for commercial vehicle and driver safety, and we will remain diligent in removing negligent carriers and drivers from the roads.”

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  • T. Davis

    Drinking and drugs while??? This idiot deserves to get shut down!!! Makes the rest of us look bad!!

  • Concerned with Safety

    What about the DOT and local police that don’t follow the laws and rules? DOT gave a driver a ticket for a tire when we took the tire off two other tires were showing wire. We called DOT they sent the local police. DOT would come out and the police said they didn’t have the authority to shut him down. He left our lot driving with two tires showing wire.

  • Concerned with Safety

    We have had the local DOT make our shop put on a cracked break drum and faulty unsafe equipment and let the driver go down the road that way.

  • K2K Hauling service

    This idiot needs to be thrown in jail and have the key thrown away. He makes the rest of us look bad and think how many people he could have killed or seriously injured. I have 0 tolerance for someone like this.

  • Andrea Sitler

    This is the “rotten egg” that will make the entire driving population “look” bad. Hollywood always makes the truck driver a psychopath with drugs and booze. No wonder truckers are hated everywhere and respected by few. The rotten apples are remembered but the highway heroes are too soon forgotten.

  • Mind Games

    Don’t attack him! Attack the federal government for playing the sit on the sidelines till something goes wrong game!

    We need rate regulation to be brought back to this industry as in YESTERDAY!!! OR some financial backing from the government just like Schneider Swift and any other company that’s getting government subsidies.

    NO! NO! NO! I ain’t hearing it!!! Back in the day they had no trucking companies cutting rates and sure as hell no O/O either was cutting rates that would be like cutting your own throat.
    Customers didn’t get away with it either so its safe to say that it worked and it can and will work again IF the government would stop kissing the backsides of their donors just so they don’t lose their magical powers and end up living among us mere mortals as though there’s something wrong with living among the general population, I don’t know about you guys that worship these politicians but I don’t and I wish you drivers would stop doing the same! Ain’t nobody better than nobody I don’t care which party they are affiliated with and ain’t no politician better than ME or YOU!
    I say either we get some regulation of these rates so these trucking company owners stop hounding us or we vote BOTH of the worlds most bribed parties out of office!

    We got the backs of these trailers and fat backs and belly’s for T-Shirts and IF some of you would get off the political plantation we really could put an uncorrupted third party in office that represents the people not corporations nor political ideologies.

    Government used in the right way is a proper tool for use by the people to unsure fairness and keep the constitution intact in the wrong hands it leads us to cameras in the truck 666 boxes tracking your every move (Who knows that box can probably hear all you say in that truck?) and in general abuse of the people and their personal liberties

    We drivers just need to open our eyes don’t ya see you being played like a sucker???

  • Jim Coleman
  • Mind Games

    Opps! almost missed the part about drinking! Ok that’s horrible but have ya ever thought that because he knows that the large trucking corporations and the government have cross-hairs on his back that’s enough to drive a man to drink???

    I’m not making excuses for this guy and he deserves punishment but I’m telling ya if we don’t squash some of this large corporate power by drivers leaving the few large corporations who have opened their mouths to tell you and I we deserve the finger we are not going to have much of a paycheck left to support our families.

    Ya wanna know who??? JB has said let’s open the border in a manner of speaking. Swift Dart U.S Express Averitt has said we should sit behind the wheel for longer periods of time and all trucks should be turned down to 62-65 mph??? I ride at higher speeds and that’s not a problem the problem is the no paying attention 4 wheelers. (I won’t go there I got things to do).

    All the while JB Schneider have tried to get a law passed to get the black boxes kept out a courtroom if it does not put them in a favorable light??? Hu??? You guys wanted em in the trucks in the first place! (What they mean is throw you and I in jail and leave us big rich cats alone)

    I could go down the list but in some ways I understand their pain but the problem goes back to one source “Lawyers and the Law” and that key thing again as I said before has to change but lawyers in D.C. who want to see their buddies get rich are not going to do it we must force them to change the laws.

  • Mike Smith

    What the hell kinda G D name is Nebyou. Is this why this guy got into trouble? Is this some 3rd world savage driving in our country, driving down wages to 3rd worlder standards? Is this one of those people our government has allowed into our country to provide cheaper labor for businesses. Was this guy, from a 3rd world country, one of those new savages, who is now enjoying the American Dream, while we are being driven down? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the name is just the delusion of some drugged out female who couldn’t figure out an American name for her spawn.

  • Joe

    Did any of you folks below read the article??? The driver was hired by Purpose Driven Strategies of Apple Valley, Minn. And its Blanket Company EVILSIZOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES A carrier that hired this Owner Operator to drive for them “apparently”. I found all this out in about 5 minutes. So let’s start with the Carrier MC 726141 8 Trucks & 9 driver. Go to the following web site and enter the Carriers DOT #2051010 and you will see the truth about the Carrier and the Driver. They were granted Authority 10/19/2010Just the snap shot below tell the story.
    Inspection Type
    Out of Service
    Out of Service 17.4%
    19.6% Nat’l Average %
    (2009- 2010)
    I’ve been saying for years that our Federal Government makes it too easy for anyone to get into the trucking Business. All you need is a Credit card and a Truck. This is what causes our Insurance rates to go up, drives our rates down for us all big Carrier or Small, cost us more at the pump, maintenance shop, payroll taxes, you get the picture, I could go on all day. Those out their trucking until they are caught or run their trucks into the ground, don’t pay UCR / IFTA Fuel Taxes / 2290’s / Drivers, Vendors and usually file Bankruptcy or just leave town.
    So get your facts’s not your name or your nationality. This is a bad driver and a bad Carrier.

  • Mike Jones

    There are thousands of illegal alien “truckers”..leased on to “logistics” companies…..maybe these cops can investigate some of these Foreigners?????

  • Mike Jones

    Good research and firm grasp on today’s trucking! It is an absolute MESS and getting worse.

  • Mike Jones

    You are RIGHT! There are thousands of 3rd world Kooks here driving illegally!! Nobody knows their REAL NAME..driving for peanuts..happy to be out of their TENT or HUT…and live in a tin box! Rich Industrialists LOVE these Savage Swine……cops just look the other way! What savage?? Did you see a savage?? They drive thru Banning like a hurd of Buffalo..night and day..speaking some foreign tongue..countless ACCIDENTS are in court every day..casued by a 3rd World Savage!!!!

  • John Nettles Sr.

    We just have the best government that CORPORATE money can buy DON’T WE! LOL

  • Ragman069

    What a disgrace and an embarrassment to the trucking industry!! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.