DOT updates rules timetable

Jill Dunn | August 12, 2011

The current federal rulemaking schedule lists 2012 publication dates for a Final Rule regarding electronic on-board recorders and hours-of-service documentation requirements and a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking mandating speed limiting devices for trucks.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration set a June 28, 2012,  publication date to expand the number of carriers required to have EOBRs in favor of reducing hours-of-service documentation requirements.

The FMCSA had consolidated this follow-up to the EOBR rule with the hours supporting documents rulemaking into a single proposed rule. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit granted the American Trucking Associations’ pleading for the agency to issue that proposed rule notice before this year and later the agency’s request to extend that deadline to Jan. 31. The agency began the project in 1994.

The FMCSA had planned to publish an hours-of-service publication July 26 after Public Citizen and other groups reached a settlement with the agency two years ago, but the parties agreed to extend that deadline to Oct. 28.

The ATA, along with Roadsafe America, also had petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to require speed limiting devices on heavy trucks. The NHTSA’s request for comments on the proposal drew strong support as it is expected to increase safety and decrease fuel use.

The agency listed a Dec. 30, 2012, publication date for the NPRM and plans to accept comment until March 2, 2013.

The NHTSA also plans to publish a Dec. 30 NPRM creating a new federal requirement for electronic stability control systems on trucks and motor coaches to address rollover and loss of control crashes. If the proposal becomes a regulation, it is expected to significantly reduce fatalities, injuries and traffic delays.

Additionally, the FMCSA expects to issue an Oct. 12 publication to restrict commercial drivers’ cell phone use while driving. The National Transportation Safety Board lists this on its “Most Wanted List” of safety recommendations.

Finally, the FMCSA expects to publish a NPRM to create a database of CDL holders who have tested positive for controlled substances and alcohol or refuse testing. Other data would include if a driver who tested positive has completed the department’s return-to-duty process before resuming commercial driving.

Employers would be required to report this information to the database and prospective employers would be required to query the database before hiring.

Other rulemaking publication dates on trucking-related issues include:

  • A Dec. 29 NPRM for carrier safety fitness.
  • An Aug. 23, 2012, NPRM amending the FMCSA’s standard to allow drivers with insulin-treated diabetes to operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce, without seeking an exemption from the agency.
  • A NPRM March 28, 2012, revising requirements regarding fireworks, including transport.

  • rachel smith

    Actions and laws like these are a violation & against our civil rights and the privacy act. Our civil rights are there to keep us from being forced to do something we do not want to do! And with the privacy act. We can’t put trackers in our kids, our released inmates or our civilians because it against our privacy act this would be no different!!! We are not children we deserve the right to have the choice to install these devices or not to install them as an individual not have them thrust upon us! We deserve the right to privacy of were we go excluding the paper logs we currently use. This is not only endangering the violation of our privacy but by my experiences with recording or tracking systems there not always accurate I was in tollesom Az. & yet it said I was eloy Az 100 mile atleast away from where I was at if it weren’t for the fact I was standing behind my dispatcher at the time I would have been fined by the company that is wrong and another fact is everytime you add another procedure of equipment to a vehicle system it strains the operational function of the vehicle as well as adds fast wear & tear to my parts. They’re not paying for parts replacement so I shouldn’t be forced to have to put something on it that will cause me to buy replacement parts soon. These laws are insane if the officers would just encore the current federal &state laws that are already in play then you wouldn’t be wasting our tax money or violating our rights & the safety ratings would improve instead of the officers sitting on their thumbs milking the states for pensions & pay checks. There are better ways to improving safety without having the cost being placed on everyone’s taxes & without losing our civil rights and liberties…

  • debra hardman

    I thought ATA was supposed to support truckers??? They need to change the name to AGA! All they support are the government issues!

  • Tony Calvert

    If the officers that are wanting to endorse these new things had to pay for they’re own training and buy the equipment out of they’re pockets I bet the eagerness wouldn’t be as high as it is now.
    One officer said to me recently he had to update his training all the time so what was my problem with the new regulations? I told him that the state picked the tab for his training and new equipment and I had to pay for mine out of my pocket. And in the real concept of I had to pay for his too!!
    If the government can give all the big carriers money and equipment they should have to hive it to my one truck operation too. It’s an unfair playing field on all sides.

  • paul nicolay

    Obama and his liberal minions are hell bent on destroying the capitalist
    system. I’m already looking for two draught horses and a wagon…hope he loses big time!

  • Melchi

    Hi Robert. Well, for starters you’re going to have to go touhrgh the training all over again like you never drove a truck before. You didn’t mention if you still have your CDL or not, but even if you do you’ll have to go out on the road with a trainer for a few weeks. No big deal, really. But it does mean you’ll have to go with a company that has training in the first place which likely means a larger carrier. With the bad economy, I’d say you should take a look at some of the larger refrigerated carriers like KLLM, England, Stevens, Prime, or Central Refrigerated. I wouldn’t worry yourself do death over which company you choose. If they’re a well-established carrier with a fairly large fleet, you know you can make things work out. You know how they should be treating you and you know if you’ll need to switch dispatchers and all that. You’ve been there. Take a look at our page on . If you have your CDL you may not need to go touhrgh the schooling, but they may want you to play around in the yard backing up trucks for a couple days and going over the newer logbook rules just to freshen you up and it’s probably a really good idea for you to do so. Hey, what’s a few days in the yard, right? Nothin to it. Take a look at some of those companies on that page along with the other companies that I had mentioned. Make a few phone calls, tell them your situation, and see what they say. I’m sure several of them would love to have you as long as your record has stayed decent these past few years. Best of luck to ya! Enjoy being back out there! Hey, they have cell phones, GPS, wi-fi, and Satellite communications now! Remember when we had to rely on notebooks, payphones, and $5 maps???? LOL! I do not consider those the good ole’ days ! I love the new technology which makes life so much easier out there now! Good luck! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.