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DOT warning carriers about fraudulent letters seeking bank information

| July 24, 2014

Carriers should be on the lookout for fraudulent letters appearing to be from “Equifax Credit Information Services — Government division,” said the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration this week in letters issued to its field offices.

The letters will be dated July 11, 2014, and signed by Thad Brown, FMCSA says, and they seek to obtain banking information for the companies targeted. 

It states that the “records show” the letter recipients are “registered as a prospective contractor for procurements issued by” the federal government, and that financial information is needed to proceed. 

Anyone who receives the letter is encouraged by FMCSA to contact or, who are in the agency’s investigative support unit.

  • shadow hauling

    So FMCSA let’s put more information on the web about carriers and drivers. Assholes. See what happens. Identity theft is bad enough without the governments help in adding more information and helping them out. I’ve never gotten so many phone calls and junk mail until I got my own authority and the government figured it was okay to post everything about me on its fu—–site. The assholes.

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  • David S. McQueen

    This scam pops up about every two years. I remember that the same scam was being used back in the 1990s. They haven’t caught these guys yet? Or is it just that they don’t care about catching them? Law enforcement/regulatory enforcement is used politically now by the party in power to go after their political enemies (see IRS scandal). James Jaillet: have you queried the US DOT as to whether they have ever actually CAUGHT anyone other than truck drivers? Easy to do when the “letter” gives a fax number. (That’s called a “lead”, investigative support unit guys). strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.