Driver coercion rule clears White House, set for publication

| May 01, 2014
truck at dock

The FMCSA’s driver coercion mitigation rule would require the agency to consider driver coercion by carriers, shippers, receivers and brokers when developing new rules.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s so-called Prohibition of Coercion rule has cleared the next hurdle in the rulemaking process, as the White House’s Office of Management and Budget has given the regulation its stamp of approval. 


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With the clearance, the rule likely will be published in the next several weeks in the Federal Register as a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. 

The rule has not yet been made public, but according to FMCSA documents, the rule would work to prevent coercion of drivers by carriers, shippers, receivers and brokers as a byproduct of federal regulations by requiring FMCSA to consider the potential for coercion when developing rules. 

The rule will have a 60-day public comment period upon the date of its Federal Register publication.

  • g

    This is simply a Carrot and a pat on the head for truck drivers so they can slip this electrolog up his butt without Too Much Complaints. lol

  • guest

    Why Now?? These cops have been stealing money from truckers for years for driving over hours after the Shipper takes forever to put the load in the trailer….dispatchers always know full well their driver will have to violate Log Rules to deliver on time….Just Now these cops are going to look at companies and shippers and not Blame only the driver??

  • guest

    Speed limiters are coming next according to D.O.T. They want all drivers to be like UPS. Obey or Else…….Automatons. Slaves on Wheels.

  • Mind Games

    Homosexuals get laws and or rules to protect their rights but truck drivers are too damn lazy to do the same??? And you call yourself a MAN????? You gotta be kidding me???? Not the freedom loving American truck driver!!! I listen to all you gun toting rivers on the C.B. Brag about killing people in other countries in the name of freedom yet when faced with someone who will not I repeat not shoot you nor send anyone to your door to do the same to force you to drive that truck YOU still won’t shut em down!!!!
    What you have is a government bought and paid for by the large carriers and or their owners and you po a** drivers still work for em???
    I left a large carrier a long time ago and so what’s your problem? Oh I know the homosexual has more sense than you, more manhood than you!
    You don’t want any rights you don’t care if the corporate executives take over ya whole damn country??
    And if you won’t stand now you will lose your guns because you just might wanna shoot a CEO and the government ain’t havin that!
    IF you crybabies would man up clean out that truck (HELL IT AIN”T YOURS WITH ALL THAT GARBAGE YOU PACK INSIDE LIKE IT”S YOUR HOME IT STILL AIN”T YOURS!!!)) and allow those large comapnies to go under the others would become very afraid and drop the ATA like a rock!!!

  • Mind Games

    I can see a lot of workman’s comp cases coming down the pike as drivers backs are gonna start hurting, remember it was the ATA who fought against drivers having ergonomic trucks sometime in the past.
    If you have any problems with your backs or pains in your knees etc drivers as a result of these slow trucks causing you undue pain exercise your rights drivers and do what ya gotta do!!!

  • Tommy Marivic Davis

    Well after 40 yrs plus driving, reason I took out early. Not the same as the old days, only the equipment got better. So much red tape to go from A to B, then have to put up with the shipper or receiver. We work as a team with dispatchers and people respected the driver then. Now , electronic logs and more they can stick on the driver, where he needs a simulator to get his wings. As far as speed controls, only a few abuse the set laws. So we all have to suffer for them. My truck remember was govern to 62 mph. Years later, my peterbuilt was not, was so nice to have it there when needed. See these trucks now take five miles to pass someone , which is so much danger. Be safe and enjoy

  • g

    Coercion, Abuse, Harassment, and Punishment by Dispatchers, Shippers, Receivers, and COPS is a fact of life for truckers and always has been.
    Just NOW….they are uncovering these atrocities…and Slave Labor tactics used AGAINST the Working Man in trucking?? So they can offer a hanky to the truckers while they shove Electo Logs up his Butt/

  • carroll6

    High time. Every carrier I worked for was an arm twisting bunch of crooks. I am talking about the fleet managers. Driving a ice cream truck is a step up from running the road. It’s a confusing, grueling job. I have to take Ambien now to get to sleep at night, cos I am so used to RUN ALL NIGHT.. sleep all day. Or don’t sleep at all. If you get sick or injured, GOD help you! They do anything to get out of health care and workmen’s comp. I am talking about hick states like Tennessee..where I worked for Ave***T. Big time crooks.

  • Sky Tripp-Schaefer

    Inforcment of hos proves how fast your are going…. Get caught fine the company and driver 3x after that take dot number for 30 days.

  • Robert

    With all the increasing regulations it’s getting impossible to make decent money being paid by the mile. It’s time to rethink how drivers get paid. I think for most company drivers getting paid by the hour would be better. I think there would be less turnover, and lower cost to the company.

  • endev

    How about a minimum wage rule and overtime requirements for truck drivers? Hello Barack? Are you out there? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.