Driver pay, ‘Obamacare,’ industry outlook broken down at CCJ Symposium

| May 24, 2013

Among the topics highlighted this year at the CCJ Spring Symposium in Birmingham, Ala. — held earlier this week — were the potential upcoming effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), driver pay and its impact on retention and the overall outlook of the economy and the trucking industry.

Here are a few of the highlights from the event:

Carriers favoring sign-on bonuses, performance-based driver payNational Transportation Institute director Gordon Klemp talked trends in driver pay in recent months and what kind of tactics carriers are using to lure drivers, such as sign-on bonuses and guaranteed pay. Click here to read the story.

ATA’s Costello bullish on trucking’s long-term fortunesThough the economy’s growth has been mostly choppy, good times awaiting were the overall themes of American Trucking Associations’ Chief Economist Bob Costello’s presentation. Costello said the U.S. economy has a lot of potential waiting to be unleashed, and the next few years should offer much economic growth. Also of note in Costello’s address was that a looming driver shortage — according to ATA — could lead to a spike in driver pay. Click here to see the story.

Affordable Care Act bringing sweeping healthcare changes for carriersThough mostly geared toward how the Affordable Care Act — much of which will be implemented next year — will impact fleets, there are a few points of interest for drivers and owner-operators and small fleets, including the cost impacts and overall implications of the law. Click here to read it.

  • Duane Osborne

    “Carriers favoring sign-on bonuses, performance-based driver pay” If your willing to wait a year to get all of it! I would rather have an increase in pay with the miles to go along with it now. “Performance based pay” yeah a penny a mile increase! While it is true that many companies have increased pay, at the same time they have cut miles. A recruiter wont tell you this when He is trying to get you to sign up so check it for yourself. The trucking forums are full of complaints like this!

    “ATA’s Costello bullish on trucking’s long-term fortunes” As of May 28, the US debt is $16.837 trillion dollars. There is NO future in the US economy, this nation is bleeding to death!

    “Affordable Care Act bringing sweeping healthcare changes for carriers” This is going to destroy this country because many companies including local and state governments are cutting hours down for workers from full time to just below part time so they don’t have to pay for this health care crap. What is that going to do for our economy? What do you think your paycheck will look like after all of this gets rolling! Trucking companies sure wont raise the rates on their customers to offset the increase because they will be afraid to lose them. But you, there are a hundred drivers waiting to take your place when you quit so drivers will be the first ones to get screwed by this! Don’t think so? Just wait.

    When you take away all of the sunshine reports told to you by the very people who are responsible for all of this and from those who blindly support them and get down to the truth of it all. Unemployment is still over (real numbers) 14%, Debt is increasing, Taxes are increasing, Fuel cost is increasing, Operating costs are increasing and the Rules and regulations are increasing as well. All the time pay is staying to same and the treatment of drivers is getting worse. Truth hurts I know but it is the truth none the less!

  • Duane Osborne

    I just did….and you know what you find when you sign this? 5 pages of liberal policy makers wanting your support! That’s exactly who has killed this nation and you think people like that is going to help you in any way!!! COME ON PEOPLE,WAKE UP!!!!

    A nation wide one day shut down is the answer. Not more mindless talk from the very same people who have been screwing you for years!

  • martymarsh

    Both comments right on the money, but when you have clowns that will drive for 25 cents a mile, we are doomed.

  • David Marsh

    I welcome a shut down, Moe, lets go for it!

  • martymarsh

    LMAO, 2 people shutting down, that won’t help, butwheat. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.