Driver shut down after crashing tanker while drinking

| May 22, 2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ordered truck driver Bobby Cleveland — who’s licensed in the state of New Mexico — to cease any operation of a commercial motor vehicle after he was found to be under the influence of “an intoxicating beverage” during an accident in which he was hauling 2,400 gallons of propane in a tanker.

While driving intoxicated, Cleveland’s rig overturned and spilled the propane in McKinley County, N.M., resulting in a temporary closure of Interstate 40. The New Mexico Highway Patrol charges Cleveland with operating under the influence. “We are committed to taking unsafe truck drivers who endager the public off our nation’s roads,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

It is, obviously, against federal regulations to drive a truck under the influence of alcohol, FMCSA said it in its announcement. Cleveland’s imminent hazard out-of-service order is based on these regulations.

“It is unacceptable for a bus or trucking company, or any of its drivers, to disregard the law and put the safety of every traveler at risk,” said FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro.

  • No Reform

    This EDITORS PICK is interesting too…how these young beefy CHP cops(one was a Boxer) beat the crap out of a 58 year old truck driver near Truckee?? Wow…they are still on the JOB!! If you drive up there watch for them. PITBULLS!!

  • No Reform

    Those 2 CHP cops beat that OldMan 58 years old and frail at 165 lbs..his picture with no shirt SHOWS he would qualify for a Nursing Home…..Those Truckee CHP was a Licensed 220 lbs…..they beat this truck driver until he stopped breathing???? Editors Picks here shows a pic.

  • Dan Leidal

    Perhaps a group of unknown concerned citizens could see to it that something would occur that might help with these “officers”, and their superiors to somehow “accidentally” meet their speedy removal, or if need be, their demise!!! We don’t need this kind of garbage in public service… And if their superiors fail to deal with the problem, they share in the guilt…

  • Dan Leidal

    Here we go again with FMCSA imposing an order that should be the responsibility of the court… Driving privoleges can and are limited, or restricted as a condition of bail… This generally lasts until the outcome of trial… Why are we violating the separation of powers??? FMCSA is part of the executive branch; being under a cabinet position… More grandstanding!!!

  • Barney

    whatever happened to due process, especially from the fmcsa?

  • John Scott

    Why are we questioning a driver who tested DUI and was driving anything, let alone a hazardous cargo? Yes, let’s give him due process in court but lets also stop him from driving hazardous cargo. Really, I cannot believe anyone comes to this guys defense.

  • martymarsh

    Does this surprise you knowing that cops are above the law? I live in PA and we have corrupt troopers here that no one will do anything about and the best part I can prove it. My neighbor burns down his shed to collect insurance money and they tell me they don’t want to hear it and then take me to court for harassing him.

  • No Reform

    Very Observant of the CSA cops to getthis clown off the highway….AFTER he gets drunk and flips his Hazmat Rig?
    We can rest Assured Annie baby is “gettin er done”.

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  • Truckertwotimes

    Where’s the pics at, I dont’ see a link for them?

  • baffled

    How do you spill propane?

    Isn’t LPG a gas as soon as it isn’t under pressure?

  • think about i

    It takes a while for the liquid to evaporate into a gas. 2,400 gallons of liquid propane will not vaporize instantaneously.

  • mousekiller

    No sense questioning the FMCSA and how it operates. It is as we all know under the watchful thumb of obama and his minions.The constitution means nothing nor does the judicial process to him

  • loaderman

    WTF? Go play with your little mice you frikken idiot, what the h3ll does this have anything to do with Obama? The FMCSA has been around a lot longer than he has and they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

  • mousekiller

    I can tell by your childish post you are living in the dark when it come to the real world. You fail to understand the chain of command and how the real government works. Go to bed get some sleep and give up your nickle bags, I sincerly hope you don’t drive a truck. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.