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Drivers call for hours changes

| March 27, 2010
  • ron craig(R&A Tucking)

    This comment is for the HOS,let me ask you all the people who came up with these rediculous hos,have these people ever driven a truck,much less ever been on the docks or severe weather,traffic jams,or have these people simply been sitting in an office in front of a computer reading e-mails from other doin the same thing they are,we the ddrivers know what and how to do what we do let us the driver do it,no one is telling these office people when to take a 10hour break,or when to go home if people are not happy with how the proffesional truck driver is doing his/her job come out here and do it yourself then,i’ve been an owneroperator for 15years now and have 27years driving experience.

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  • Candace J.

    He is right. The more restrictions placed on us a as a whole truck driving community simply requires us to learn a new way to lie and so that we can get our time with our families and still earn a good living, while trying to keep he DOT and general uneducated public happy.

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