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Driving blindfolded or asleep? Avoid these states

| November 21, 2012

Did you know that use of a cell phone while driving delays driver reactions as much as having a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent? That concentration comes from consuming two to four drinks in an hour, depending on your weight.

Atlas Van Lines has put together a clever infographic highlighting this and similar statistics about distracted driving and safety. Another tidbit about the cell phone is that using it reduces brain activity designated to driving by 37 percent. Considering the level of brain activity some four-wheelers devote to driving, getting on the phone must put them in negative territory.

The graphic is worth skimming just to see the collection of bizarre highway laws from 10 states.  Should you be hauling during this extended holiday weekend, or even hitting the road as a four-wheeler to visit families, be forewarned.

If you’re in Alabama, driving while blindfolded is not allowed. In Tennessee, it’s illegal to drive while sleeping. Should you find yourself in Alaska, make sure you’re not caught driving with your dog tethered to the roof.

And for those motoring through West Virginia and too broke to buy a turkey, don’t even think about scavenging road kill.

  • mousekiller

    so talking on a cell phone reduces brain activity for driving by 37%. so how much does it reduce it if your talking to someone sitting in the passenger seat. I would say lots more as most drivers cannot look ahead and instead have to look at the one sitting next to them. It is like the driver thinks the person next to him or her is too stupid to know who they are talking to. Jeezz it is getting to be against the law to breath deeply. Most of the technology we are given has been touted and pushed on us as smarter, faster, less costly and safer. Now that we use it ,it is SO unsafe they fine you for doing/ using it but still allow it to be put into cars / trucks at the factory and other technology sold across the counter. It really is not unsafe. It can benefit lots of people. It is people that are unsafe. It is people that don’t know how to slow down in bad weather. it is people that have accidents. NOT technology, not cell phones. Now if we were legislate stupidity we need to start in Congress and the Senate.

  • Kingut

    It seems to be an elected law maker, you have to leave your brain home!

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