Driving with a partner offers income, lifestyle opportunities

| August 08, 2013
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  • Jimmy the Greek

    Right I ran team 30 years ago and after you are cooped up with someone a week or two you are redy to murder the SOB

  • martymarsh

    That is a fact, I did it with my brother for 2 weeks and we wanted to kill each other.

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  • RickG

    If team driving is so beneficial how do you explain 100%+ turnover in the OTR sector? The drivers featured here are the exception to the rule. The majority of team drivers make less than solo drivers and get home a couple of days a month compared to local drivers being home nightly and regional drivers being hoe at least a couple of days a week.

  • Frank

    If you manage your finances and live out of one household, two people can retire in 5 years. I know because I have done it. A good team that can control their emotions and act professionally, can net over $200,000 a year if they keep the truck rolling. If they want to take a week off every month and go bicycling, kayaking, or travelling to other countries, then a good team would be looking at around $150,000 net. That is still enough to put into retirement. The team’s truck alone is worth $300,000 and assuming they only put 20% down on it, they will have $3000.00/month payments plus insurance and they are still hanging out in RV parks.

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  • John

    What most of the drivers don’t know (and they are deliberately kept in the dark about) is that if they don’t drive, the rates go up. In essence, the reason the industry sucks as a whole is because of the drivers. You can’t compete with someone who will work for free. It’s a free country after all and if someone can get a CDL and sit behind the wheel for free, then they will. And you wont be able to compete. They get to see the country and barely get paid enough to eat, but HEY! THEY SAW A NEW CITY! and the carrier gets their labor for next to nothing. There is a better way and these intelligent people have found it. They aren’t complaining. It is the opposite. They are doing better than their college educated CEO counterparts and they know why. For some it will only get worse, and for others, they will retire in style with their CDL’s in hand and a smile on their face. It’s a free country. You decide which driver you will be. I chose the latter. I am not complaining one bit.

  • No Reform

    Man aint that the truth….used to be 2 drivers earning 8 or 10 CPM….really exciting….

  • No Reform

    Not to mention how many drivers are Killed while sleeping in the bunk and their dumb “buddy” crashed the rig….not really all that great.

  • No Reform

    Sure the industry WANT to return to the 2 Low Paid drivers are available 24/7…instead of sleeping on a 10 Hour Break.
    This recent article on Trucks up from MEXICO dpoing “so well” has 2 drivers as the Globalists prefer…paid some insanely LOW WAGE and they cant Read or Speak English and their trucks are trash…FMCSA shows what those trucks are about….their CSA files..on those trucks mentioned.

  • martymarsh

    As he was screaming, hey Charlie, get up you are don’t want to miss this.

  • Steve

    I wonder how much that thing weighs, they sure can’t haul 45k in that trailer. I wonder if they do blanket wrap, military, or some other type of light freight. If you find a niche you can do well, they must of found it. But then, they didn’t say if the rig was paid for, or if they’re just renting it from the bank.

  • Dave

    Wow! This editor needs to do some more research. If you noticed one of the teams were from Swift. Nothing more need to be said about that one. Unless your driving with your spouse and all the money is coming to your house. Theres know money to be made. Tried it with a friend. I made less and he made less than solo driving. If you can live off of 400 a week. More power to ya. I’m not staying out for weeks for that kind of money. Most of these team runs can be ran solo. You might have to wiggle in a couple hours. The one team i just noticed. He made 68,000 for one of the years solo. Should of stayed that way! Then only 93,000 with a partner. 25,000 more! I guarantee they split that. Which means he made less on .56 a mile split. A weekly run from PA to midwest and back. You figure it out. Ill stick to my gig. O/O FOR 25YRS. Ill survive or sink. Go down kicking and screaming. STAND UP FOR FAIR LAWS FOR THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY.

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  • mousekiller

    MOST solo drivers that go teaming really don’t know how bad a driver they actually are. Hard braking. Too fast on curves. Shifting like their at the Indy race truck or drag racing. It takes the co driver to tell them . It sometimes takes a punch in the nose to make the point. . Poor drivers will bounce around in the bunk their co driver like a
    bb in a box car.

  • mousekiller

    It’s not that easy for most. It depends on several things. Experience of the driver. The carrier they are leased to ..
    The rate that is paid to them. Mileage or %. Routes they run.dedicated or not. If PERSON can get it to come together then the earning are there. My Mty Wgt is 36,000 lbs. I will NOT put on more than 38,000 lbs on the trailer.. I just don’t understand why some drivers will haul heavy for the same pay I get for hauling light.

  • NancySue

    Frank – Seems like you are one of the few that has positive input on the income / retirement in this field of employment … anymore. I realize that there is positve and negative in any type of employment ….. sometimes it’s just a matter of what we personally want to get out of our employment. But ….. never the less ……. I find your post intriguing . If you receive follow up posting feedback ….. I would love to communicate with you concerning your knowledge of this subject matter. :)

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