Editor's Journal

| January 01, 2011

It would be unrealistic to think CSA will be implemented and roll forward with no challenges. It is a wholesale change in the safety compliance system, and many have questioned its fairness to drivers and carriers alike.

As for the hours rule, it’s become everyone’s favorite target. No matter what the rule does, it will spur litigation. It’s a broken system that everyone attempts to mold to fit their ideology.

We always go back to the root cause of the problem. Drivers are paid by miles and regulated by hours. Under this system, the motivation will always be to run as many miles as possible.

Perhaps projected wage increases, (see cover story, p. 18, for an examination of the potential upside of the new regulations) will help make the changes more palatable for drivers. Regardless, because we have grown accustomed to regulatory political upheaval, the overall picture may remain fuzzy for months to come.

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