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Randy Grider | November 01, 2010

• Potentially erroneous violations on carrier/driver records can be submitted for review using the DataQs system (https://www.dataqs.fmcsa.dot.gov), which does not change under CSA 2010.

Look for a free copy of the CSA 2010 Driver’s Handbook, brought to you by the editors of Truckers News and Overdrive, at most major truckstops that distribute this magazine.

• FMCSA’s new Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) is not a part of CSA 2010. PSP is only available to carriers as a pre-screening tool (drivers who have opted in can view their own profiles) and is not for use in evaluating current drivers.

FMCSA also points out that neither carriers nor drivers are required to register for CSA 2010. Nor is there any kind of mandatory training requirement. However, it is in everyone’s best interest to be as informed as possible concerning CSA 2010. It is a major shift in how FMCSA will deal with carriers and drivers from this point forward. Those who have prepared for CSA 2010 already have a leg up on their peers. But it’s not too late to play catch-up. In fact, it’s your responsibility to do so.

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